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A lot of independent professionals do not have the time and resources to design a custom commercial invoice template. They usually rely on the free invoice templates and send them out to their customers. Though this is seems like the easiest thing to do, the effect it can have on your future business with your client can be devastating.

An invoice is probably the only record your customers will have of your service after a couple of months. The purpose of the invoice should be more than just to receive payment from your clients. So while choosing the Invoice Template make sure the template of the invoice has the following:

  1. Clear information about the due payment. This one is obvious, but the number of companies who mess this up is unbelievable.
  2. An advertisement for all your other relevant services
  3. Contact information for easy reference in the future
  4. Company logo to build your brand
  5. Link to your website
  6. Link to your blog. Get an easy to remember link like
  7. Link to your Twitter and Facebook accounts

The last three points are especially important if you are sending an electronic purchase invoice.

Samples of free invoice templates which follow these guidelines are available. Feel free to download them and use them.

If you want to not bother about all these issues and just send out beautifully designed invoices, just start using Apptivo’s free invoicing App

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