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A common question for most of our users has been regarding the add-on services which Apptivo  provides.

This post provides brief discussion of the various services we provide.

Add-on services are classified into categories in Apptivo.

1. Sales related services

2. Collaboration and Communication services

Sales Related Services

The various sales related services provided by Apptivo are:

  • Payment Gateway – This service is provided in partnership with and allows E-Commerce clients to process credit cards and enables them to accept online payments via credit cards and E-checks.
  • Shipping – Apptivo allows you to setup automated shipping services in collaboration with UPS.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Google merchant center is an easy way of getting much needed visibility for your products on Google’s search engine.
  • Checkout Services – Google checkout provides an alternative to the traditional checkout options with it’s ease of use and fast processing.

Collaboration and Communication Services

  • Fax – Apptivo allows you to send Fax messages from within Apptivo, through our partnership with Servangle.
  • Email Services – Apptivo integrated email services to allow easy communication with your customers and clients.
  • Documents – Apptivo customers can store and share documents through Apptivo, once they sign up for this service.

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