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It’s a very competitive market environment today, and the consumers are looking out for products that are relevant to their needs. Today’s consumers are overwhelmed by the amount of information about the companies and brands that they deal with. Consumers will not buy the products blindly. They purchase the products that they feel is the best fit or will enrich their lives or help solve a problem. Therefore, you need to have a strategy and a market plan in place before your product is launched. The product teasers should give a glimpse into how a particular product can help a consumer ease his task or how it’s going to fit into his present day life.

Besides traditional advertising, there are a few things that a small business entrepreneur can do create brand awareness

5 Ways To Create Product Awareness

Hold a Live Event

This is a great way to get noticed by the prospectives as well as loyal consumers/clients. The event could be a workshop around the launch/promotion of a new product. Here you can share your expertise with those attend the event. Else you can also get a reputed industrial expert to share his/her expertise with the attendees. When you hold a live event, it gives you the “face time” with potential customers. In return, they get a chance to understand, and experience the look and feel of your brand. For instance, if you want to launch your product around Christmas time, hold a Christmas party or consider a fundraising party for charity and so on.

Organize a Competition

One of the effective ways to showcase your product is to organize a giveaway or competition. It’s an expensive way to create product awareness. Therefore, you need to carefully chart out a strategy that will get you the best return on investment. Consider a useful branded gift with your company’s logo such as tote bag or something that can be passed on the kids will be well received by the consumers. The recipients of the promotional goodies will unknowingly become the walking billboards.

Organize an Experiential Campaign

Another way to introduce the product into the market is by engaging with potential customers. Experiential stunts help to buy user-generated social media coverage. For instance, you can hold the product campaign on the street. Give away the product at a throw away price. Ask the buyer to upload or tweet photo of the product they purchase using a particular hashtag in the social platform and get a gift in return. This is a great way to create product awareness and engage with the potential customers.

Partner with Another Local Business

Identify the local businesses that target the same type of customers but ensure that they are not your competitors. Partner with them for mutual benefits. You can give their customers a discount on your products. This is a way to attract new customers.

Sponsor an Event

This is another way to reach out to the target audience to create an awareness of the product. When you sponsor an event it gives your firm an exclusive face-to-face time with those who participate in the event. It is also help in branding opportunities. However, the event you choose to sponsor should be relevant to the target market.

Also ensure that you have your website updated with relevant information regarding the product. The website should be mobile friendly too. Remember, these days’ consumers browse the web from their smartphones and other handheld devices. Connect with the target audience over the social media is also important.

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