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Social MediaSocial media is a widely used marketing tool currently and small businesses are no exception. Today, millions of people and potential customers are using social media on a daily basis. Facebook has become a verb pretty much the same way Google became a verb earlier. Spending a few hours on social media has become the norm and not the exception. There is no getting away from the social media phenomenon. We look at how small businesses can harness the power of social media to achieve desired results.

  • Customer is king

Unlike conventional thinking, social media is largely about your target audience and not your enterprise. You need to proactively anticipate how your customers think. Understanding customer mentality is key to business planning. Research how your competitors are marketing their brands, products and services. You need not reinvent the wheel. While you may borrow a few good marketing ideas, do not forget to adjust keeping your situation and needs in mind. You may even find your techniques copied by competitors later. Success involves constant perseverance and innovation in the highly competitive markets of today.

  • Outline business goals and appropriate plans

Determine your company’s goals and how social media can be leveraged to reach them. It is a good idea to brainstorm with your team to come up with the goals. List the goals, cross out the less important or impractical ones. It may not be possible to accomplish all of them. Hence arrange the goals in priority order and focus on getting the major ones done. Effective time management is necessary to achieve your goals. Make a systematic and detailed plan on how you would utilize various and different social media to successfully market your small business’s products and services.

  • Remember social media marketing strategies keep evolving

Social media is not static. The software keeps changing responding to new trends and incorporating new features. Just like people, social media is unpredictable. Marketing strategies should be suitably tweaked at regular intervals.

  • There are different social media platforms

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest are all different from each other. Pinterest is largely used for posting images. LinkedIn is used by businesses and professionals to network. Facebook is about sharing information and connecting on a social basis. The marketing pitch should be geared to the nature of the social platform.

  • Every small business must have a social media presence

This is a modern day realty. Also having social media presence signals that your organization is up to date with contemporary tends. People become aware of your brand, products and services. It is a no brainer that winner takes it all. People trust other people’s opinions more than any sophisticated marketing campaign. Publishing quality and engaging content is a great way to attract potential customers. A good tip is to have a unique, consistent and familiar handle across social media platforms for your small business. Now you can compete with bigger players.

  • Have a dedicated person to handle the social media marketing campaign

All small businesses may not have the time and energy to spearhead a significant social media marketing campaign. Also, they may not have the expertise or interest in this particular area of business. A dedicated individual or team could well be the ideal solution in such a case.

Different social media platforms keep cropping up today. It is imperative for all small businesses to stay abreast of developments on this front. Just like in other aspects of life, the early bird is the one that catches the worm. If you and your small enterprise are not on the social media platform yet, better late than never. It is social media which will likely determine the future fortunes of your small business. Leverage this all pervasive and powerful technology for attaining financial and business success.

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