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When you plan to start a small business, its goes without saying that you need to know how to resolve any problem that comes along with it. Each problem is unique but the techniques need not have to be reinvented each time. Instead you can chart out a methodical approach and a well-thought out plan to solve the business problems. Also, it is one of the skills that can be learned through a good mentor. As a business man, it’s always nice to have a mentor who understands you and your industry type. Here we have put together a few effective ways that are handy to resolve problems in business as well as personal environment.

Understand The Problem

Never jump into the solution mode, without taking time to understand the problem. In some cases, it could be just a trivial issue that can be blown up out of proportion when you take inappropriate actions. However, real clarity will resolve the issue at the earliest.

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View The Problem From Different Angles

You need to define the problem or view the problems from various angles to find an appropriate solution. For instance, when your sales team tells you that the “sales is too low”, it could mean that your competitors are stronger and their marketing strategies are better, sales process is not up to the mark or the advertising is ineffective.

Find Out The Root Of The Problem

Instead of finding a solution and treating a symptom, you need to find the root cause of a problem. Find a solution to treat the root cause so that the problem does not recur. Remember, it does not make sense wasting time and resources resolving the same problem.

Identify Several Possible Solutions To The Problem

You should brainstorm with your team to come up with multiple solutions to resolve the business problem. This way you will be able to come up with a right solution. The quality of the solution is directly proportional to the quantity of the solutions in resolving the issue.

Prioritize The Potential Solutions

As a small business owner, you should be aware that there is a fine difference between a doable now solution, and an excellent solution that generally will take a longer time frame, the complexity is high, and it may be an expensive one too. Remember, that every large problem was once a minor problem that could have been solved easily when it was first recognized.

Set A Deadline To Make The Final Decision

Select the most suitable solution and make a decision to take an action. The objective of your course of action should be to deal with and solve close 80% of your problem. Set a dead line to take the action and stick to it.


Solution Should Be Measurable

Making a decision to resolve a problem is not enough. You also set up milestones and measures to know whether the problem is resolved. At times, the unintended side effects of a solution can be worse than the original problem.

Problem solving is a skill that can be learned. However, some people are born with it. As a business man if you don’t possess problem solving skills, you can always hire someone external to do the job for you. Else, you need to find out if one of your senior employees have the skill and give the resources to study the issue and free hand to come up with a decision.

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