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One way to grow your business is to expand it into a new region. The goal of every business is to make the sale. The second goal is to grow their business, and that can happen in a number of ways. One way is to expand your business into a new region.

Expanding into a new region doesn’t mean you have to actually open a branch there, although you can. You can expand your business into a new region just by using advertising effectively. You need to generate awareness otherwise no one will know that you business exists in the new region. Ads designed to create awareness will get the word out.

Once that awareness has been created you need to continue to repeat your message to the audience you are targeting. You build on your original message in the awareness ads. Soon brand recognition occurs. Once you have awareness and recognition you can generate consumer interest. The consumer learns more about your business the products and/or services you offer, the benefit of dealing with your company, and the building of emotional triggers. These triggers include creating fear, creating security, or creating comfort.

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By this time the consumer is motivated to purchase from your company. Promotional advertising begins to tweak the interest of potential customers who are no ready to buy from you. A strong call to action is very important here. Once the first purchase is made you have begun to build a relationship with the customer and they are likely to repurchase from you. This is especially true if there are emotion triggers that are used repetitively.

Your long-term goal is to build customer loyalty so that they buy from you repeatedly. When you expand into a new region you have the opportunity to grow your customer base increasing the number of loyal customers, which translates to increased revenue. When a customer is satisfied with your products and your company they will be quick to share that knowledge with others. Word of mouth is a great way to grow your business. Treat your customers right and they will grow your business for you.

Today it is much easier to reach out into a new region thanks to the internet. Advertising can be expensive. The internet offers all kinds of affordable opportunities to grow your business into not just one new region but many new regions. A business reaches a point where it either stagnates or you take it to the next level moving into a new region. The choice is yours.

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