How To Manage Your Business Travel Expense Better?

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Traveling to meet the client is a part of any small business and expenses incurred during the client meetings or corporate meetings are simply unavoidable. Ideally, a single client meeting outside your place of residence would include to and fro air travel, taxi journeys and overnight stay in a motel or hotel. These inevitable costs are necessary to take your … Read more

Top Features To Look For In An Expense Report Mobile App

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It’s normal for a small business owner to travel for business purposes. While on the move keeping track of the expenses can be a hassle. Thanks to the advancement in mobile technology, you can do business on the go and also keep track of all the expenses including the travel expense. Mobile expense report software is one such application that … Read more

Top Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Automate Expense Management

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“3000 hours, equivalent to 125 days or 4 months, are wasted by companies in manual generation of expense reports and correcting them” – Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Many small business & enterprises still manage their expenses using either paper, a spreadsheet or an outdated system. Cost is one of the factors why many small businesses don’t consider upgrading to … Read more

How To Control Cost Of Your Small Business Cloth Store

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Small businesses usually have a tough time controlling the rising cost as they are squashed between the limited financial resources and the compulsion to keep the prices at a reasonable level. Managing or controlling the cost of maintaining your business is known as cost management. Simply put it’s a way of running your business within a given budget and curbing … Read more

How A Small Business Can Bounce Back From Financial Hardships

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One of the factors that determine whether an enterprise is flourishing or floundering is the cash flow. The decision makers of a small business should know the movement of the cash flow. This will help them formulate a better financial and operational strategies based on this knowledge. If there is a mismanagement of finance, it will lead to financial setback. … Read more

Invoicing Apps: Why Should Small Businesses Use This

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Small business owners are always on the move either attending seminars or meeting clients. Since, they are on the go, invoicing their clients at times becomes a herculean task even if they have installed an invoicing app on the cloud. The reason is they would have to rely on their laptops or any other mobile devices to log into their … Read more

Simple Tips To Manage Your Small Business Finances

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Every business, big or small, startup or established is always concerned about one crucial thing, that’s managing their finances. Financial management is of paramount importance for breezing through the volatile economy and also to survive the competitive market today. Small businesses need to be extra cautious while taking any major financial decisions. As a wrong move can affect the business … Read more

Demo of Online Invoicing through Apptivo

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Invoice 1

Sending Invoices online is simple and free with Apptivo.  Get paid quickly by proving your customers with an email based invoicing solution that offers them the flexibility to pay with many different options.  See the video below to learn more about small business invoicing with Apptivo, or feel free to see a sample online invoice walk-through here.  You can also find … Read more