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Over 40 percent of the US population own a Smartphone and the reports imply that about 50% of all searches occur on a mobile device. This is the right time for small businesses to use mobile applications to power the future of their growth. Though investment in mobile does not come cheap, there are many companies that offer some features free of cost. Apptivo offers a free mobile invoice app for both iPhone and Androids devices.

Small businesses that do decide to go mobile have to deliberate well before they plan to make an investment in making a mobile application. They need to know whether their consumer base will interact better with their brand by using an app or by simply logging on to a mobile site. Though, mobile web browsing has gone up among Smartphone users, many people are still not sure whether to load their phone with essential apps or simply use their own mobile web browser. Downloading mobile apps can use up the phone’s memory and sometimes will require frequent updates. This can be tiresome at times, in spite of some of the apps being really useful.

Small businesses also need to understand that investment in mobile applications can be very expensive. However, it has many advantages and will benefit the business owners a lot by getting business done on the go.

Advantages of using Mobile Applications

Having a mobile application for your small business is a sign that the firm is keeping up with modern trends. It also opens another channel for communication with clients. Since customers carry their phones wherever they go, they can access the mobile app from any place at any time. With the mobile app, business will carry on as normal, even on holidays. The existence of a mobile application ensures superior and wider visibility of the concerned small business.

The customers doing business on the go constitute a sizable market. Small businesses can tap this significant customer base by harnessing mobile applications. It makes life easy and convenient for the small business’s customers by sending them timely reminders and acknowledgements via mobile application. The bottom line is, small businesses are perceived as customer friendly, resulting in building customer loyalty and repeat business. Also mobile applications can bolster small businesses existing social networking strategies.

Credible statistics show that leveraging mobile applications help reinforce small business brands and improve customer relationships. The Smartphone user-base is expected to get only larger with time. It makes sense for small businesses to ride the mobile application bandwagon.

Finally doing business on the go is an effective and savvy strategy for smart small businesses.

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