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Since interruptive marketing strategies and cold calling have become a thing of the past, you need to use inbound marketing to gain success. Gaining traction with inbound marketing tactics is important especially when it involves acquiring an enormous amount of market shares. But you also need to find ways and learn new methods to improve your strategies.


Is Inbound Marketing Necessary For Your Business?


Most people assume that inbound marketing is a sophisticated strategy that involves extensive research and employing massive efforts. However, it is not. Inbound marketing is a proven method of adding as well as sharing content which converts strangers to potential promoters and customers of your business.

Convert, attract, delight and close are some of the major actions inbound marketers need to do to gain leads, visitors, promoters, and customers. Social media is a friend of inbound marketing. If you are confused about why or how social media plays a significant part in enhancing inbound marketing, then read this article.

Strengthening Inbound Marketing Strategies Through Social Media

For various firms, lead generation is the major benefit of having a good social media presence. However, if you want to make social networking websites effective lead generating machines, then you need to keep in mind various factors like fans for your Facebook page, LinkedIn company page, followers on Twitter and more.

The more fans and followers you have on social media sites, the better reach you will have. Good reach leads to getting more leads. Furthermore, your social media lead generation strategies start increasing your fan base.

Modifying and Improving your Social Media Presence

Whether it is your website, blog, email signature, print advertising, business cards, storefront signage, newsletters, or email marketing messages; make sure that there is a social media button on them. Various social networking platforms have a Follow button which can be installed on your business website and blogs.

Creating your own links and buttons that direct to your social media profiles is quite easy. For example, Twitter has an official ‘Follow’ button which allows website visitors to become your Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

Sharing Important And Valuable Content

Sometimes it is not enough to build your online presence on social media. You need to show and prove to people that your presence is something which is worth following. Of course, you need to make sure that your wall posts, LinkedIn updates, and tweets contain useful, engaging and valuable information.

Make sure to avoid product focused posts. You need to draft social updates that contain relevant tweets created for engagement, and as well as useful content. Try to draft updates which contain valuable tips, educational content, and industry anecdotes.

You need content that can attract more people. The reason why most people are following brands on social media is that they are on the lookout for something useful. It is not that they have an interest in how fabulous your services and products are.

Include Social Share Buttons

Just as you are promoting your social media profiles at various places, your customers and website visitors also need to share the content of your site with people belonging to their network. So, you need to have a social share button in all your web content like blogs, websites, landing pages, newsletters, webinar downloads, ebooks and more.

By ensuring that your audiences are sharing your content, you are expanding your reach, especially to individuals who are beyond the network of your fans and followers. If these people like what you wrote, then they will become your followers and fans too.


Creating and Maintaining Relationships with users of your Industry

There are many online tools to build and maintain relationships with your users. Tools like Twitter Search, Twellow, Tweet Grader and more, identifies other personalities present in your industry or niche. It’s easy to create a relationship by following them and participating in discussions. Also, you can follow back users who followed you.

Interacting With Fans And Followers

interacting-with-fans Besides sharing valuable and meaningful content often, you need to interact with your followers and fans. Make sure to visit your profile page every day and keep a close watch on your account. Get people’s opinions, answer various questions, engage in surveys and take part in their discussions so that you can have a social media presence that is worth following.

Create A Customized Facebook Page

Developing an interactive and user-friendly Facebook page lies in the hands of professional and experienced graphic designers. You need to develop an engaging and eye-catching default landing tab. This is done to entice visitors to like your page. Various high-profile brands have unique Facebook welcome pages which are attractive. Get inspired by these pages and try to develop a concept that is apt for your business.

Facebook, with more than one billion users worldwide is the best platform for you to dig in. As per the infographic Social Media 101 – How To Turn Your Small Business Into A Huge Enterprise, over the years various prestigious brands have started creating Facebook pages for their products and services. This provides immense potential for the marketing needs of businesses.

Supply Giveaways and Incentives To New Fans And Followers

It is important that you create a social media presence which can be followed. As per various studies, about 58% of Facebook users like to get offers from business pages. Provide discounts and promotions that are beneficial and convenient for your followers. Besides these, you can have Facebook contests where people must follow or like your page to be eligible.

Wrap Up

Creating a long-term social media reach will take some time. However, by following the above-given steps, you can see a significant difference and get the required results. No doubt your social media reach is one of the major factors for your inbound marketing success.

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