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There are millions of products on the market and hundreds of thousands of businesses selling those products. How can you make your products stand out from the same or similar products that someone else is selling? Glad you asked. It’s time you learn how to add value to any product.

When done right you can sell anything, and we do mean anything! Take the Denver Zoo who quickly learned that removing animal waste from the zoo was an expensive undertaking, and in today’s world, which is all about environmental footprints it really wasn’t a good option. So what did they do? Well after a great deal of brainstorming Zoop garden manure was born, and it sells like crazy. Why? After all manure isn’t hard to find. The answer is it’s all in the name and the marketing.

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So how do you add value to products you sell?

1. Make it Bigger – If you want to beat the competition offer what they offer in a bigger size so that the consumer gets more value. Watch how fast they show up at your business.

2. Provide it Faster – Consumers hate to wait. If you can deliver it faster than the competition you’re going to get that sale.

3. Do it Better – If your product is better, if you offer a better warranty, or you offer better customer service, the consumer will find their way to you. Today’s consumer is a savvy bunch and they have higher expectations. Meet those expectations and the customer will buy from you.

4. Giver Your Product Personality – Make your product more fun, more serious, more memorable in some form. Bringing your product to life is good for sales. Take Ronald McDonald who portrays fun when you are eating at McDonald’s.

5. Find a Niche – If you can find a niche and then market to that niche you’ll gain value. But remember the niche has to be able to support your business. For example, the Denver Zoo’s Zoop is a sustainable niche. Selling booties for gerbils probably not.

If you sell a product that looks like everybody else’s you’re going to have your work cut out for you. That’s especially true in today’s modern world where just about anything you want to buy is available online. To be successful you either have to find a product that’s unique to you or you have to add value to the product that others are not.

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