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Your business relies on a sales team, it needs to be the best one out there. In order for your business to do well, it should have the best sales team possible; otherwise you are always going to be second to the other companies offering your products and services. To get a sales team that meets the challenges, it is best to focus first on what it takes to build a sales team. In other words, just hiring people off the street with sales knowledge is not good enough. It is best to grow a sales team that has the fundamentals you need them to have.

Hiring Sales Team Members

Many small businesses start out with just one, or two, people selling for the company. You may be selling your services or products yourself. After all, who knows them better than you? As your business grows, it is likely you will need to hire a professional sales team to manage that growth. When it is time for hiring, it is a good idea to step back and to evaluate what you want those team members to bring to the table. Many business owners initially hold the role of sales manager, salesperson and the marketing director. As you grow, you will need to define these roles and find great people to fill these positions.

Who is on your Sales Team?

The first question to focus on is how well your sales team is working for you right now. How can you tell the effectiveness of the sales team? Before you attempt to grow your team, you need to ensure that those on your team right now are providing the best services for you. Ask yourself what you want your sales team to do for your business.

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If your business is the type that uses the salesperson as the only link between the business and the customer, it is critical that the sales team in place is meeting these demands.

  • The salesperson needs to uphold the company’s image in the eyes of the customer.
  • The sales members may need to interact with the delivery teams. They may need to work with repair departments.
  • These professionals may need to close sales and get contracts signed, too.

The job the sales professional does must be outlined before you hire any additional team members. What is it that this professional needs to offer to your business?

5 Ways to Hire a Sales Team

  • Look within your company before hiring outside sales professionals. They know your business better and may just need grooming to become stellar performers.
  • Consider professional associations that can help you find qualified professionals with experience in your industry.
  • Network with your suppliers’ and customers’ sales team members, if one of them is ever looking for new opportunities they could be ideal team members for your organization.
  • Use the Internet to help you find qualified applicants. This is an easy way to find sales team members who are looking for great opportunities but may not be local to you.
  • You may want to contact a local community college that offers a business marketing or business degree. Young graduates can add a lot of pizzazz to a sales team.

Your sales team is the bloodline of your company. Do you have the right professionals on staff to manage your business sales? If not, consider adding a few new members to your team and maybe retraining others. This can give your business the power it needs to grow.

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