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There are a huge number of small businesses across the globe. Small businesses consistently face the challenge of how to be different from the existing competition. If small businesses are doing the same as others, why would customers prefer it over the rest? In short, small businesses need to be both better and different from other small businesses. We look at ways to make small businesses stand out from the rest.

  • Hire people whose skill sets are unique

What a small business is able to do depends on the skills of its employees. Having employees who know different technologies, languages, management styles, leadership methods will equip a small business to do things which the competitor’s can’t.

  • Have a unique and impressive name and brand image

This will differentiate a small business from the competition. It is worth investing in a branding company to create unconventional looking websites, classy business cards and other marketing paraphernalia. Having a unique uniform for the employees creates both a sense of belonging and different identity. It is a great way to build a unique brand.

  • Invest in a unique and stunning ambience

First impressions matter. When customers visit a small businesses’ office, they would prefer ambience which is different, pleasant and great looking. Hiring quality interior decorators will help create a unique and classy ambience.

  • Offer free products or services

This will attract people and is something usually not offered by most small businesses. This way, the small business doesn’t have to spend on expensive marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • Study and analyze the competition

It is important to know the competition and how they are operating. This way, a small business can do things which are different from what the competition is doing. If small businesses find shortcomings in the competitor’s products and services, then offer solutions for the shortcomings. This way the small business is delivering a previously unmet need.

  • A personal approach helps

Most businesses view and treat customers as commodities from whom to harvest profits. Avoid this approach. Understand that customers are thinking, feeling human beings who have emotions. Having senior management attend to customer grievances and complaints is far better than assigning a junior staff. Remember customer’s birthdays and wedding anniversaries. A humane and sensitive business enterprise is uncommon nowadays. Being one will keep the small business in the business and thrive in the long run. Avoid misleading and lying to customers. It is better to be frank and upright. Small business owners will be pleasantly surprised by the number of customers who prefer honesty and transparency.

  • Celebrity endorsement induces trust

People trust the judgment of celebrities more than any sophisticated marketing campaign. If a celebrity endorses a small businesses’ products and services then people will purchase them because of the trust factor.

  • Brand ambassadors influence others

Give out products free to relevant people. They will act as brand ambassadors and influence other people to buy the product. For example, a lens business may hand over free spectacles to professors at college. Students look up to their professors as authorities. This will make students more likely to buy that spectacles brands as respected and knowledgeable individuals trust and use the brand.

Making small businesses stand out requires unique ideas and not necessarily expensive ones. Being creative and imaginative will make a small business perceived as different and better than the rest. Brainstorming, market research and out of the box thinking are required to come up with great and effective small business ideas.

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