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Many factors play into how effective and efficient any business is. You have big plans for your business, competition that keeps you moving forward, growing your business and sometimes this all becomes so unmanageable that the business fails. It doesn’t have to be that way. These 5 simple things will make your small business run effectively and keep you in the game.

The Office Space

For the majority of businesses the biggest cost incurred is in the constructing of the office space, which physical construction, office equipment, computer equipment. Look at the number of workers in an area and how you’ve laid out the office space. Consider how computer printers and other office equipment is shared. Entertain whether employees could work from home or whether some work could be outsourced. Examine all avenues to create the most cost effective, productive office space.


The telephone is an integral part of all business communication. It’s also one of the major costs. You need to look at how your telephone costs are being accumulated. – Switchboards, extensions, messaging, cell phones, and pagers are all part of the modern day office. There are some features that are fun for employees but not necessary for the business and can lead to significant cost. For example, consider ring tones and the purchase of them. They are not required and the purchase of them and the playing with them cost the company money. Streamline and simplify your telephone systems to reduce the cost to your business.

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In today’s world where we are all connected there can be many ways to reduce communication costs. Laptops, Blackberries, and iPhones are all tools that can very useful and cost efficient when it comes to the modern day office communication, so be sure to investigate all venues.


There are few businesses big or small that don’t hold meetings. After all they are important to the functioning of any business. Some meetings are productive while others result in wasted man hours that cost the company money and resolve nothing.

When planning a meeting make sure you make the most out of your resources. Conference calls and virtual meetings are great ways to conduct the modern day meeting and save a bundle. Keep all meeting focused and don’t allow time to be wasted going off topic.

Running a small business can be very expensive and streamlining your business makes it that much easier for you to save money.

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