How to make small businesses stand out from the competition

Posted on 2:25 pm, March 11, 2015 by

There are a huge number of small businesses across the globe. Small businesses consistently face the challenge of how to be different from the existing competition. If small businesses are doing the same as others, why would customers prefer it over the rest? In short, small businesses need to be both better and different from other small businesses. We look … Read more

Advantages of going paperless for small businesses

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Generally small businesses have to struggle harder for financial success and growth as compared to the larger players. Going paperless is an effective and useful strategy to help small businesses compete in the marketplace today. We look at some of the advantages of going paperless. Saving Space Real estate is costly today especially in large cities. Substituting electronic documentation for … Read more

Advantages of partnering with other businesses today

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Today the business environment is very competitive. Organizations need considerable financial strength and constant innovation to both survive and thrive. It may be a wise move for firms to partner with other businesses to stay competitive and boost business prospects. We look at the benefits of doing the same. Increased strength and credibility – When companies partner with other successful … Read more

Tips on Business Etiquette

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Today, business is more than just generating more revenue and profits.  It is also about establishing and nurturing goodwill and relationships. We look at what business etiquette to follow in the workplace. Get up on your feet – Don’t follow the laidback attitude by remaining seated when being introduced to somebody new. You need to show at least the basic … Read more

Tips to keep your business moving forward

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The world is a constantly changing place. It is important that your business keeps on changing to remain relevant and competitive. Your business needs to keep moving forward in order to survive and grow irrespective of the economic situation or other factors beyond your control. We look at some valuable tips that will help your business keep moving forward: Make … Read more

Ways to influence customers and their buying decisions

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It is the customers who have the power to make or break a business. Hence it is essential that enterprises focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty. There exist time tested techniques to bond with customers and positively influence their buying decisions to your favor. Go the extra mile to make customers feel special- Smile and welcome your customers with genuine … Read more

How to delegate work effectively

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Small businesses are not a one man show. It is not practical or possible for a single individual to do everything which needs to be done. Many people are reluctant to delegate work because the lack of trust in other people’s ability, wanting to do everything themselves and so on.  However, in the modern business environment, there is no alternative … Read more

Why should small businesses move to the cloud

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SMB Cloud

Cloud computing services provide users with the facility to use software and other computer resources online as a utility. This is a pay as you go model where you need to pay for the services depending upon the usage. So you can leverage resources only when you need them via the web. In true cloud computing platforms all applications are … Read more

Is your business prepared for a natural disaster?

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Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as floods, storms, earthquake, hurricanes, blizzards and more can strike anywhere at any time. They can affect any kind of business. It is important that you be ready for such eventualities. Each kind of natural disaster has its own set of problems. You need to be prepared for situations which could directly affect your business. Your disaster … Read more

Is Snapchat for your small business?

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Snapchat is a social app for your smartphones. Young people who are either in high school or in college use this social media application to connect with their friends. Instead of texting, they use videos and photos to convey their message. Snapchat is a mobile application that can be downloaded on to an iPhone or Android device. The young crowd … Read more