How to make your business profitable in 2014

Posted on 1:42 pm, February 24, 2014 by

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Small business owners have fared differently financially in 2013. But they share the same goal of being profitable in 2014. Here we look at effective strategies to accomplish precisely that. Have a written business plan – Don’t try to keep everything about your business in the head. You are likely to forget many important details. A detailed and well thought … Read more

Tips for Creating a Professional Invoice Template

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An invoice is an important business document regardless of the type and size of the business. You can rightly define an invoice as a document that you as a small/medium/large business owner would send to your clients or customers intimating them that the payment for the services your firm rendered is due. A professional yet simple invoice template will outline … Read more

Take Advantage of Small Business Saturday

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Small Business Saturday 2012 is the first Saturday after Thanksgiving and this year it falls on November 24.  This initiative was started by American Express in the year 2010 to help the small business owners across the US. If you are a small business owner, the upcoming holiday season could likely make or break your year. Therefore, take maximum advantage … Read more

How Small Business Owners Should Make Investment Decisions

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Each and every small business owner makes decisions daily. Business decisions may be as simple as who on your team is taking the client out for lunch or as complex as developing a marketing strategy or making a business investment. Many small business owners appoint a good financial advisor or an investment manager to make all their investment decisions. A … Read more

10 Ways to Control Business Costs

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Irrespective of the size of the business, every business is trying its best to cut costs to make ends meet in a recession struck economy. For any business wishing to improve its financial status and gain some sort of stable footing in the market, controlling cost is mandatory. If a firm does not get a hold of its hidden and … Read more

New Year’s Resolution or Monthly Resolution?

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“The circumstances you complain about are, by their very nature, situations you can change — but you have chose not to.” – Jack Canfield (from his book The Success Principles) Towards the end of every year, everyone is keen on making New Year’s Resolutions. But how many of us were able to stick to the resolutions. Not many; the reason … Read more