How to retain your best employees

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Best Employee

Your employees are both the face and engine of your business. Retaining good employees is critical to any organization’s success. We look at ways to retain the best employees. Recognize and appreciate accomplishments – Take the necessary time and effort to recognize and appreciate good work. It doesn’t cost much and raises the morale of the employees. Employees tend to … Read more

Keep Your Employees Happy

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Employees Happy

The employees of a company constitute the most important part of its foundation. Every organization big or small needs to keep its people happy to conduct business smoothly. Job satisfaction, sense of ownership and recognition etc. are important factors that motivate your employees to stay on the top of their class. Your employees are the internal customers of your organization. … Read more

Work Smarter Not Harder

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Smart Worker

It is said that when one lives for a stronger purpose, then hard work is not an option but a necessity. No matter how inspirational this saying may sound, it doesn’t have much to do with real life scenarios. The endless list of tasks that need to be completed on time, the overbearing bosses and ever-increasing work pressure render the … Read more

5 Tips to Keep Your Meetings Productive

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Do your subordinates perceive workplace meetings as boring and futile? Have you given a thought on making them more interesting? Making your meetings more fun shall spontaneously make them more interesting and productive as you begin to achieve the underlying objectives. Holding meetings with your team is one of the best means of strengthening interpersonal relationships, boosting morale, identifying the … Read more

Find Yourself a Business Mentor

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The importance of having a business mentor has often been undermined by many of us. In the modern day business environment where competition has taken a front seat, it becomes all the more necessary to find yourself a suitable mentor who will advice you and guide you through the maze of corporate warfare. Who is a Mentor? Sometimes, we tend … Read more

4 Ways to Improve Your Memory

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We certainly grow wiser as we grow older. Nevertheless, the risk of losing our grip on our memory is impending. Our memory is like a diary. It holds our past experiences and choices that define who we are. These experiences guide us as we move forward in life. The memories work like a base for our decision making processes. We … Read more

What Books are Leaders Reading?

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Have you ever wondered what makes leaders pioneers in their area of business? What is it that sets them apart from the ordinary crowd? The answer is simple. Leaders are constant learners. They never let go of a single opportunity of discovering new knowledge. There are several ways through which one can learn. Listening to what others have to say, … Read more

Tips for saving time in the morning

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Many of us find getting out of the door in the mornings on time can seem like a constant battle. A recent study conducted by Today Show/AOL survey revealed that on average women spend 6.4 hours each week on their appearance. While, men spend a total of 4.5 hours a week getting ready to leave for work. Whether you are … Read more

How to effectively communicate with your team

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It is an indisputable fact that this is an era of intense competition in the business space. Small businesses are also not immune to this trend. It is essential that the whole business team works together towards a consistent business goal. Let’s look at ways and means to bolster the leader’s communication with his/her team. 8 Ways of effective communication … Read more

9 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” —Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO There are many entrepreneurs in the market today. But only a few succeed and fewer achieve enormous success. Every successful entrepreneur is different. However, they all share some important traits which contribute in great measures to their eventual success. We look at some … Read more