List of Top 20 Entrepreneurial Blogs

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Year 2012 has been a great saga of success, failure or stalemate for the small businesses. It has been the year where people around the world started getting the hang of using mobile Internet.  This year, many small businesses made their websites smartphone and tablet compatible as they started acknowledging the growth of mobile technology. The mobile web made it … Read more

Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

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Leaders are present in all walks of life; they lead and motivate their followers to success. One notable example is the late Steve Jobs, who led Apple to the very top. We will analyze whether you have the all important qualities of a leader or not. Some people are born leaders; others learn the skills of leadership. Let us look … Read more

Online Project Management to Help the Everyday Graphic Designer

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As a budding graphic designer, you may not have wanted to implement a project management software due to cash crunch, but that is all about to change. When your business grows, it means you have a long list of clients. If you are not organized then your invoices are not being sent on time, pending bills cannot be tracked, you … Read more

Why Convince Your Project Manager to Start Using Online Software

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In recent years, we have seen a lot of advancement in Internet technologies. Though cloud computing and online software are fast becoming popular, there are many businesses that are still reluctant to accept the change and take advantage of online software. Most online software’s are free or they charge a very nominal fee. One of the most important online software … Read more

Tips for Improving Your Leadership Skills

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Your small business is similar to a ship. To have it move forward quickly as smoothly as possible, it needs an efficient captain. Similarly, if your enterprise has to grow quickly and steadily, you need to be a good business leader. As a leader, you need to make things happen, to set good examples, motivate and guide your employees through … Read more

Business Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning is not for your home alone. You have to spring clean your business every year. Business spring cleaning is not about removing the clutter that has accumulated over the past few months. Here we are discussing how to clear away the cobwebs of a recession and revisit the business goals. Now is the best time to start dusting … Read more

How to Choose Between Career and Family

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I have been away from my hubby and my 3-year-old daughter for almost a week now. We are planning to spend the coming week together, away from the hustle and bustle of work. Hope we can make it this time. Each time I have to get on a plane to fly and meet my clients; my daughter and I cry. … Read more

7 Ways to Keep Your Best Employees

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keep employees

According to a survey conducted by the popular employment portal,, reveals that over 80% of all employees are actively engaged in search of other employment. Top performers are seeking greener pastures. There may be a few who are ready to quit to start their own venture. These people are willing to take risks, even during these tough economic times. … Read more

5 Negotiating tactics you should know

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If you are planning on doing business with someone again, don’t be too tough in the negotiations. If you’re going to skin a cat, don’t keep it as a house cat. – Marvin S. Levin (American Author) In today’s competitive world, negotiation is one of the skills that everyone, including a small business owner, should possess. A question that is … Read more