Small Business Forecast 2016 To Power Success

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With January already behind, small business owners have only 11 more months to make relevant and innovative changes that would take their businesses to the next level. Here we have listed a few top trends the business owners as well as the experts are expecting 2016 to hold for small businesses. Businesses should focus on building relationships and creating connections … Read more

Is crowdfunding right for your business?

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Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds from several people. It is a popular way for financing businesses including small businesses. While crowdfunding is suitable for many businesses, we take a look at whether it is right for your small business. Crowdfunding is suitable for your small business if: Your idea is cool and interesting – As per Vision Launch … Read more

Don’t Get Sucked into a Cash Flow Slump

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Cash Flow

In the modern-day volatile business environment, businesses irrespective of their scale of operations are perpetually prone to facing a cash slump. A cash slump occurs when cash inflows are insufficient to meet cash outflows. If managed ineffectively, a cash slump can affect the long-term profitability targets of the firm. Thus, it becomes important for managers to not panic and take … Read more

Business Funds Available for Businesses in 2012

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Depending on the type of start-up you have, there is a financing model to optimally fund your business. If you are running a home-based business then you can use your savings and credit card loans. If your ambitions and ideas are larger than normal, then you may consider other ways of funding your business. Remember to select your financial options … Read more