Factors to consider before turning your hobby into a business in the coming year

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Hobbies are a great way to unwind and relax. People derive a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment by indulging in their hobbies. It is a good idea to make your hobby into your business. This way you will be doing something you enjoy and are passionate about while also making money and fulfill your business goals. However, running a business … Read more

How to motivate your employees in the contemporary business scenario

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Motivate Employee

Employees are the engines that drive various businesses. They are also the public face of companies. Their levels of individual happiness and work productivity have a direct and significant impact on business image, revenues and profits. We look at ways to keep your employees motivated as well as in good spirits. Be up-to-date -The modern business environment is constantly changing … Read more

Tips to keep your business moving forward

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The world is a constantly changing place. It is important that your business keeps on changing to remain relevant and competitive. Your business needs to keep moving forward in order to survive and grow irrespective of the economic situation or other factors beyond your control. We look at some valuable tips that will help your business keep moving forward: Make … Read more

Are you geared up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014 sales

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Cyber Monday

In the year 2013, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales had increased by 15% and 18% respectively. This report was released by a trend tracking firm, ComScore. They also reported that there’s a probability of a greater increase in the after Thanksgiving sales in 2014. It’s the time of the year when you should get the most possible sales. Have … Read more

How to handle difficult customers

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Difficult customers

All businesses have to deal with disgruntled customers at some point of time. Some customers may have genuine grievances while some may not. In either case, one must learn to handle the customer as well as the situation properly. We take a look at different strategies and techniques to handle difficult customers. Be specific – When the customer is making … Read more

Ways to influence customers and their buying decisions

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It is the customers who have the power to make or break a business. Hence it is essential that enterprises focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty. There exist time tested techniques to bond with customers and positively influence their buying decisions to your favor. Go the extra mile to make customers feel special- Smile and welcome your customers with genuine … Read more

How to delegate work effectively

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Small businesses are not a one man show. It is not practical or possible for a single individual to do everything which needs to be done. Many people are reluctant to delegate work because the lack of trust in other people’s ability, wanting to do everything themselves and so on.  However, in the modern business environment, there is no alternative … Read more

Why should small businesses move to the cloud

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SMB Cloud

Cloud computing services provide users with the facility to use software and other computer resources online as a utility. This is a pay as you go model where you need to pay for the services depending upon the usage. So you can leverage resources only when you need them via the web. In true cloud computing platforms all applications are … Read more

Is your business prepared for a natural disaster?

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Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as floods, storms, earthquake, hurricanes, blizzards and more can strike anywhere at any time. They can affect any kind of business. It is important that you be ready for such eventualities. Each kind of natural disaster has its own set of problems. You need to be prepared for situations which could directly affect your business. Your disaster … Read more

Keep Your Employees Happy

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Employees Happy

The employees of a company constitute the most important part of its foundation. Every organization big or small needs to keep its people happy to conduct business smoothly. Job satisfaction, sense of ownership and recognition etc. are important factors that motivate your employees to stay on the top of their class. Your employees are the internal customers of your organization. … Read more