Importance Of Upselling For Small Business Enterprises

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Upselling is not a new concept but it’s high time small business enterprises revisit its concept to increase their revenue, retain their customers and meet specific goals. If upsell is used in a rightful manner, it can enhance the customer experience and this in turn brings in better revenue from the old customers. Upselling is a sales technique where the … Read more

What A Small Business Owner Needs To Know About Patent

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In the United States of America, a patent is issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The person who is granted the patent has the exclusive right to manufacture, sell, and also import the claimed design or invention. That is, a patent gives the entrepreneur a limited monopoly to make profit from his invention. There are two types … Read more

Four Ideal Tools That Every Small Business Needs

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To make your brick ‘n’ mortar or an e-commerce small business a success you need to have a set of tools that will help you access your data from anywhere and at any time. When you are starting small you would be wary of the various expenses that are likely to be incurred and this makes you reluctant to try … Read more

Getting Customers To Pay Invoices On Time

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Invoicing the customers is often a nightmare for small businesses. No doubt it’s a cumbersome task for those businesses who work with minimum number of employees. Again once the invoices land in the customer’s mailbox, there is no guarantee that it will be paid on time. This can be very frustrating after you going an extra mile to provide a … Read more

10 Good Entrepreneurial Habits That Lead To Success

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When you look closely at most of the successful entrepreneurs you will see that all the successful ones have shown a certain level of determination and have a distinct drive to pursue their targets and goals. They have failed numerous times but find innovative ways to cross the hurdles to pursue their desires. Successful businessmen follow a set of good … Read more

8 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Sales

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As per the National client email report submitted by Direct Marketing Association in 2014, it has been understood that 77 percent of the ROI (Return on Investment) occurs due to segmented, targeted as well as triggered email marketing campaigns. Here are a few tips to optimize the email marketing to boost sales. Prime Send Times As per Experian Marketing Services, … Read more

4 Critical Sales Skills Required To Succeed In Sales

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To succeed in sales, a sales person needs to know how to nail the prospect in the first 20 seconds and keep him engaged, use creative techniques to subtly reveal the hidden needs of the customer, and finally he should never be in a hurry to close the deal. The customers do not like salespersons who are pushy or those … Read more

Small Business Owners Should Consider Using Business Software

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Small and mid-sized business propel the economy. These businesses contribute to the country’s non-farming GDP by employing majority of the country’s workforce. A survey conducted in 2014, revealed that in spite of the consumers supporting small businesses, there has been decrease in the growth of the small business sector. The study further revealed that one of the obstacles to growth … Read more

The Six Principles to Sustain Business Success

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Start a small business and working towards making it a success is surely a herculean task. However, to sustain the success of your enterprise, you need to work harder and smarter. To put it in a broader perspective, a sustainable small business should have its environmental, financial and social concerns well defined and its actions and purposes should match its … Read more