Why Attitude Is Everything In A Workplace

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Attitude Is Everything

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.” – William James In the current workplace scenario, employers are looking for soft skills along with technical skills. One of the most vital soft skill that is essential to create a positive and optimistic work environment is the “Positive Attitude”. If … Read more

Why Are Milestones An Important Aspect Of Project Management

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Life cycle of a project is a collection of milestones. So what are milestones? Let’s put it like this. As individuals we encounter milestones in every aspect of our lives, starting from achieving our life goals, as an entrepreneur or employee work towards taking the business to the next level or moving up the ladder of an organization. Similarly, projects … Read more

How Hiring The Right Employee Is Beneficial To A Small Business

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Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. As per the current statistics, there are approximately 28 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States. However, the small businesses are having a great difficulty in finding and hiring qualified candidates. As per the recent findings, 56 percent of the small business owners are unable to hire a candidate … Read more

How To Manage Your Employees Efficiently And Get The Best Out Of Them

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Employees are the backbone of any organization. One of the responsibilities of the management of any business firm is to ensure that employees are motivated to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently. It’s the duty of the manager to ensure that he has a balanced team else the it will have a searing impact on the business as a whole. … Read more

Boost Employee Morale Without Giving A Raise

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As per a study by Professor Andrew Oswald at the Warwick Business School, those employees who are happy are 12 percent more productive than the unhappy ones. A small business owner who tunes into his workplace environment now and then can tell when his employees exhibit the signs of low morale such as reduced performance, fewer conversations, decreased collaborations and … Read more

Why A Small Business Needs A Mentor

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Novel entrepreneurs have many business ideas but zero confidence to implement these ideas in a timely manner. This is where a mentor comes in. He/she will play a key role in building confidence in the concerned entrepreneur and his business. They help a business owner succeed. However, both the mentor and mentee is terms of experience. As per the survey … Read more

How To Bring Down Employee Onboarding And Training Costs?

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Talent acquisition, onboarding and training is expensive and companies are spending tons of dollars each year. Training Magazine report revealed that in 2015, American businesses spent over $70 billion on training the new hires as well as the existing employees. Businesses irrespective of their sizes have to strategize various methods to make onboarding and training cost-effective. Tips To Cut Onboarding … Read more

Most Searched Summer Olympics Sporting Events By Country

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The Summer Olympic Games is one of the most anticipated sporting event in the world. It includes a wide range of sports; and sporting contingents from across the world participate in the various events. However, a couple of popular sports such as cricket and American football are not the part of the Summer Olympics. Summer Olympics 2016 is being held … Read more

Importance Of Upselling For Small Business Enterprises

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Upselling is not a new concept but it’s high time small business enterprises revisit its concept to increase their revenue, retain their customers and meet specific goals. If upsell is used in a rightful manner, it can enhance the customer experience and this in turn brings in better revenue from the old customers. Upselling is a sales technique where the … Read more