Transform your sales in three steps

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The goal and objective of every small business is to make profit. However, that is possible only by improving the efficiency of the sales cycle. For that, the small business should provide have a dedicated sales team and also provide them with right tools that would help them to keep the sales funnel/pipeline healthy. A study conducted by MarketingSherpa, revealed … Read more

Sales Managers Break Your Quarter Targets- How

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Achieving or rather breaking the quarterly sales target is the goal of a sales manager of a small business enterprise. However, to crush the quarterly sales a sales manager would need to understand the present level of competition, the rhythm of his sales cycle- the winning as well as losing cycles. By comparing the two rhythms, he can chalk out … Read more

Importance Of Using Mobile Customer Relationship Management Application In Small Businesses

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Many small businesses have implemented in-house CRM systems to make it easier for their employees. However, once a sales rep leaves his office he is totally disconnected from his CRM system. Usually a sales team has most of its sales representatives in the field to meet with a potential prospect or to close a deal. When he is on move, … Read more

Why Small Business Should Know When To Sell And When To Market

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Identifying the market, positioning the products properly, targeting the right prospects, converting them to customers and into loyal customers, and generating sufficient revenue from those customers are all important part of marketing and sales cycle. There must be separate budget and strategies for both marketing and sales if a small business wants to survive in today’s competitive business world. It … Read more

Why Video Marketing Should Be Adopted By Small Businesses In 2016

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As per a report of Cisco, by 2017, video will be responsible for 69% of the internet traffic to the websites. Studies and experts opine that small businesses should tap the power of video marketing. The digital marketing gurus suggest that if a targeted audience happen to view the video of a particular brand there are chances that they will … Read more

Understanding How Google Works, Can Help Small Business

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google works

In a SB (Small Business) Authority Market Sentiment Survey conducted by The Small Business Authority, in 2015 that surveyed close to 1,000 business owners revealed that 45% of the business owners acknowledged that search engine optimization plays a vital role in throwing open new business venues. President and CEO of The Small Business Authority, Barry Sloane said that only a … Read more

It’s Time To Close That Sale- Tips To Close The Warm Leads

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tips to close leads

Today’s consumers rely on the social media channels to research on the products or services that they wish to purchase in the near future. It’s a competitive business out there and if a small business has to be successful, it has to have its sales and marketing strategies in place to convert the prospects into leads and leads to warm … Read more

Why Should Customer Satisfaction Be High On The Priority List Of A Small Business?

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customer satisfaction

It’s an era of consumer choices and empowerment. Today’s customers have multiple choices, and various channels to purchase products/services and different platforms to talk about their experience while using the product/service. The businesses cannot ignore the consumer conversations if they want to retain their customers and acquire news ones. Therefore measuring customer satisfaction becomes important if they want to thrive … Read more

Why do small business owners need to manage their time better

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time management

A small business whether it’s a startup or a seasoned one would be a success only if its owner is able to manage time effectively to complete the tasks efficiently. There are times when small business owners wish there was a magic formula that allows them to do more tasks in the given time period. For a business man, time … Read more

How Small Businesses Can Improve B2B Outbound Sales

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improve outbound sales

B2B outbound sales approach have evolved with time as the businesses today are more focused on qualitative relationship where the role played by a company’s sales representative is more of a trusted advisor. Traditional outbound sales was all about the number games that were measured quantitatively while the modern approach focuses on the quality and how the relationships are built … Read more