Stress Deduction: Tax-Time Tips for Small Business Owners

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Owning and running a business is stressful year-round, but there’s no doubt anxiety spikes around tax season each year. And for good reason. Most small business owners simply don’t have time to take away from their businesses, but that’s exactly what they have to do during tax season. And while most Americans prepare their taxes with only their individual concerns … Read more

Small Business Owners It’s Time To Start Planning For 2017

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With hardly a month to welcome the New year, its time businesses start planning for 2017. The businesses have to be financially prepared for the coming year by putting in place the various business strategies. Following are a few tips that will keep the business-up and running in the long way. 8 Tips to Bring in The New Year Revisit … Read more

Tips To Consider While Taking On An Existing Business

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If you feel that you have the chops to become a small business entrepreneur, and you are not interested in starting an enterprise from the scratch, then buying an existing business is the best alternative decision you would be making. Buying an existing business is lot cheaper in terms of both time as well as money. It also involves less … Read more

5 Ways B2C Marketers Can Use CRM Software

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If a marketer has a good knowledge about his target customers, he would be able to strategize his marketing campaigns in such a manner that the outcome is a successful one. He will be able to invoke the interests of the existing customers, so they make new purchases, re-engage the dormant and returning customers and also attract new ones. In … Read more

Small Business Marketing Ideas To Use Without Punching A Hole In Pocket

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Many a times a small business are cash-strapped and operate on shoestring budgets. So, a SMB owner set aside only a small amount for marketing and advertising campaigns. The current day marketplace is so competitive, that if a small business needs to create a niche for itself its mandatory that it needs to be in constant touch with the existing … Read more

How To Build Your Brand Through Customer Delight Model

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A secret weapon that a growing small business belonging to any industry type should consider using to compete with any market scenario is the customer service and support. If a brand wants to grow in leaps and bounds, then it has to focus on customer support, offer value beyond their product and treat customer service and support as their Unique … Read more

How ERP Software Makes Your Business More Efficient

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erp software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to different activities that help a business manage its operations — from accounting to procurement, supply chain management, and even human resources. ERP software is designed to improve the flow of data and information between business units and to support informed business decisions. A good solution will collect and organize data from different parts of … Read more

Entrepreneurial Lessons That Every Small Business Owners Should Know

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The road to success of any entrepreneur is never an easy one. The path to financial success is always long, slow and painful and never a cakewalk. However, as a small business owner becomes a success, there are a few things that he has to keep in mind to build a long-term, healthy and sustainable business. If he has already … Read more

Search Fund Model Of Investment What You Need to Know

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Starting a small business from scratch is time-consuming and risky, so why not buy a business that has some economic value, the one that someone has steered through the perilous formative years. This is the logic behind the search fund, a fast track to CEO limelight. The idea behind a search fund is to provide a channel for young enterprising … Read more

Five Tricks to Extend Your Marketing Budget

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Developing a cost-effective marketing strategy that still yields exceptional results is inherently difficult, so it is important to understand how to get the most out of your marketing budget without investing too much of your time or money. This is best accomplished through a precise approach to marketing that reaches the greatest number of potential property buyers and sellers rather … Read more