4 Critical Sales Skills Required To Succeed In Sales

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To succeed in sales, a sales person needs to know how to nail the prospect in the first 20 seconds and keep him engaged, use creative techniques to subtly reveal the hidden needs of the customer, and finally he should never be in a hurry to close the deal. The customers do not like salespersons who are pushy or those … Read more

Small Business Owners Should Consider Using Business Software

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Small and mid-sized business propel the economy. These businesses contribute to the country’s non-farming GDP by employing majority of the country’s workforce. A survey conducted in 2014, revealed that in spite of the consumers supporting small businesses, there has been decrease in the growth of the small business sector. The study further revealed that one of the obstacles to growth … Read more

The Six Principles to Sustain Business Success

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Start a small business and working towards making it a success is surely a herculean task. However, to sustain the success of your enterprise, you need to work harder and smarter. To put it in a broader perspective, a sustainable small business should have its environmental, financial and social concerns well defined and its actions and purposes should match its … Read more

Small Business Administration Drifts From Its Core Mission

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As per the reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been a gradual decline in the registration and formation of new businesses. The report further reveals that it has fallen to its lowest level and the recovery pace has been the slowest in the last two decades. The experts opine that the Small Business Administration(SBA), the U.S. agency, … Read more

Why Small Business Should Have A Trademark

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Consumer’s identify your brand with your trademark. If you think, trademarks are only larger corporations, you are simply being misled. Trademarks are necessary for small businesses too because a trademark are related to a particular brand. International trademark association defines trademark as ” A trademark may be any word, name, slogan, symbol, device, package design or combination of these that … Read more

Skill Sets to Develop as a Project Manager

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Project manager is the one who involves in the planning and execution of particular project. He should be well versed in constant analytic techniques and good communication. The risk management and time management are the basic two factors that they should imply in their daily work culture. The decision that which they make should be consistent and it should help … Read more

Different Business Structures: Choose One That Suits You Best

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Deciding which business structure is suitable for you is the first big legal decision for every fairly new small business owner. Making this decision can be confusing because the type of legal structure that you choose for your enterprise can create an impact on the amount of taxes, the paperwork your venture requires, the personal liability you need to face … Read more

The Template The Client Sees In Your Electronic Invoice

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Electronic invoicing is fast replacing the paper-based invoices. As a small business owner, you should use an invoicing software that allows you to create a simple yet elegant invoice. An invoice should contain all the necessary information of your company as well as the quantity purchased and the rate per quantity on the invoice. Apart from that, it should also … Read more

Tax Expensing And Depreciation Rules 2016: What Every Small Business Need To Know

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A common practice of any business irrespective of its size is the capitalization of costs of an asset that it buys. To put it in simpler terms, capitalization means the cost of an asset that is written off in the balance sheet over a number of years. Also be aware that capitalization rule is applicable on all assets regardless of … Read more