Effective social media marketing strategies for small businesses

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Social Media

Social media is a widely used marketing tool currently and small businesses are no exception. Today, millions of people and potential customers are using social media on a daily basis. Facebook has become a verb pretty much the same way Google became a verb earlier. Spending a few hours on social media has become the norm and not the exception. … Read more

Effective email marketing strategies for small businesses

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Email marketing existed even before social media came of age. This is one of the most cost effective channels of communication that the small business owners used earlier and which is still in vogue to keep in touch with their potential market and current customers. Therefore, small business owners should consider including email strategy into their marketing plans and reach … Read more

Small Business Events 2015

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Small Business Events

With the New Year around the corner, you as an entrepreneur would have already made your resolutions, strategies and other relevant plans to take your business to the next level. There are many who would be planning to venture into business and those who would like to diversify their business. There are many small business events that give an insight … Read more

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2015

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Digital Marketing

In a couple of weeks’ time 2014 will draw to a close. Startups and established businesses would be burning the midnight oil to figure out various marketing and advertising strategies for next year. Though the basics of marketing has not changed much, the landscape of marketing has changed drastically. It’s an era of digital marketing. Therefore digital marketing has to … Read more

Ways to influence customers and their buying decisions

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It is the customers who have the power to make or break a business. Hence it is essential that enterprises focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty. There exist time tested techniques to bond with customers and positively influence their buying decisions to your favor. Go the extra mile to make customers feel special- Smile and welcome your customers with genuine … Read more

How to make your business profitable in 2014

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Business Profit

Small business owners have fared differently financially in 2013. But they share the same goal of being profitable in 2014. Here we look at effective strategies to accomplish precisely that. Have a written business plan – Don’t try to keep everything about your business in the head. You are likely to forget many important details. A detailed and well thought … Read more

How to maximize your small business email marketing campaign

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email marketing campaign

Marketing emails are a reliable resource to increase company sales, expand target audiences and attract traffic to online stores, blogs and social media. Data-driven tactics are the key to getting the most from email marketing. In other words, follow the metrics. Measuring the outcomes of past campaigns, especially the poor ones, can provide insight on what needs to be changed … Read more

Upcoming Marketing Trends of 2014

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Marketing trends

Marketing is important to all businesses, big or small. This field is continuously evolving and becoming more and more sophisticated with the passing of time. Every year throws its own quota of surprises in the marketing domain. This year is no different.  As the customer becomes market savvy and more demanding, a carefully crafted company marketing strategy is both desirable … Read more

The Art of Effective Branding

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Branding is done not only by the giant organizations but by small businesses too. Some companies do manage without investing in branding. But implementing the right kind of branding strategies will give your small business an edge over its competitors. We look at the concept of effective branding and the associated strategies. What does a brand signify? A brand image … Read more

Effective Market Research for Small Business Owners

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market reserach

Market research provides a foundation to grow and enhance the performance of your small business. Whether you are tracking trends via social media or conducting research by focus groups. The benefits offered from market research are undeniable. While new technologies have made it easier for small businesses to utilize market research, they have also made it easier to get lost … Read more