Start A Small Business With Minimum Or No Capital

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Many of us may have impressive and incredible small business ideas. However, we tend to put them on hold because of lack of capital. We assume or rather presume that the formula for a successful small business should be something like this. A great business plan in place and a truckload of money to materialize the venture. However, the truth … Read more

Factors to consider before turning your hobby into a business in the coming year

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Hobbies are a great way to unwind and relax. People derive a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment by indulging in their hobbies. It is a good idea to make your hobby into your business. This way you will be doing something you enjoy and are passionate about while also making money and fulfill your business goals. However, running a business … Read more

The Risks of Starting a Startup

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Start ups

Many people consider becoming entrepreneurs for varied reasons. Before venturing into business it is important to be aware of the associated risks. This will definitely help improve the chances of succeeding. As in life, in business also, entrepreneurs need to take risks. The challenge is to anticipate pro-actively all possible risks to emerge as financially successful, reputed, efficient and long … Read more

Become the Master of Follow Ups

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Follow up

As a small business owner, acquiring and retaining customers is a major priority. However, many firms do not understand the importance and techniques of following-up in a business operation. Do you have an impressive number of leads but business does not materialize? This typical scenario repeats itself time and again. The cause is fairly simple – shortcomings in the follow-up … Read more

How to find time to manage it all

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Time management

All of us have the same amount of time and busy small business owners are no exception. Some entrepreneurs manage to accomplish more than others within their similar time constraints. How do they do it? They simply have better time management skills. These skills can be learned and mastered over a period of time, similar to driving a car. Let’s … Read more

5 improvements for small businesses

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If a small business wants to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment, it must constantly improve. We look at some of the major ways of improvement. Effective Time Management- Procure the latest hardware and software for the small business staff.  This will result in significant time saving as modern technology plays emphasis on superior effectiveness and efficiency. A good idea … Read more

Why Should a Small Business Use SaaS?

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The year 2013 will see many small businesses invest in SaaS (software as a service) to enhance business operations. Both established small business units and startups have seen the productivity of large-size companies multiply in the recent years because of big data and SaaS applications. Small businesses are aware that implementation of SaaS can help gather data from various social … Read more