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Stress ManagementNo one is immune to stress, especially small business owners. The latter wear many hats ranging from receptionist, marketer, salesperson, administrator, accountant and more. They are usually on a tight budget, overworked and have to meet tight deadlines. In short, they are usually under considerable stress. Stress can negatively impact both health and productivity; hence, the need to tackle it at the earliest. We look at some handy stress management tips for small business owners.

  • Exercise – Make it a point to exercise regularly. Exercising results in releasing endorphins in the body, improving mood and feeling better. It is a proven stress reliever.

  • Yoga- The Indian science of yoga is thousands of years old and enjoys global popularity. Yoga postures, along with breathing techniques, have been able to get rid of stress of many people.

  • Drink lots of water – Water rejuvenates the body and flushes out toxins. It cools down body temperature and alleviates stress. People working on electronic devices such as laptops need to consume more water.

  • Meditation- This involves focusing on something other than your daily chores. It takes your mind off the stressful things. You can join a meditation class or meditate at home.

  • Organize- Your office desk should be clean with minimal items. Having clutter around you is a big source of stress. Having a garbage bin is mandatory. Use a shredder to dispose of unneeded papers.

  • Diet- It is important to have a healthy diet. Include lots of vegetables and fruits, which are a great source of vitamins and minerals. This will help you last longer in your work and feel energetic.

  • Plan- Instead of relying on your memory for things to be done, write it all down on a piece of paper. Assign priorities to the tasks and concentrate on getting the important ones done first.

  • Delegate- Don’t overburden yourself. Hire people for getting lower priority work done or job responsibilities requiring different skill sets than you.

  • Time management- Learn effective time management techniques and strategies. Implement them in your work place to reduce or eliminate time stress.

  • Change your environment- Take a break from your office environment. Visit museums, beaches or other holiday resorts. Even a walk around the block can be refreshing.

  • Get professional help- If you are unable to reduce stress on your own, visit a therapist or psychologist for expert advice.

  • Maintain a strong support system- Have friends to socialize and confide to. Join a small business owners group so you can discuss common problems and challenges. Spend quality time with your family and pets.

  • Have a pet – Pets don’t judge you and offer unconditional love. Their presence has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. Indulging with pets is a great leisure activity that helps to rewind and relax.

  • Listen to soothing music- Music improves mental health and dissipates stress. Medical science has proven the stress relieving effects of music.

  • Get a massage - This will improve blood circulation, physical and mental health. Expert masseuses are well versed with stress points of the body and will pay special attention to them. The use of specific oils and scents make massages a complete stress relieving experience.

  • Take a long shower –  This is a great way to beat mental and physical stress. Some people prefer cold water and some warm water. You’ll feel cleaner, fresher and smell great.

There are many more ways to beat stress. Please share your tips that work for you so that others can benefit too from them.

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