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In the contemporary scenario technology keeps evolving and changing. It is imperative that all businesses, especially small businesses, keep abreast of the latest technological developments. In recent times, Dropbox has emerged as a highly powerful, popular and useful software product. We look at the benefits of Dropbox for small businesses.

Do More

Dropbox boosts productivity. Team members are able to instantly sync and share data on any device. Hence, they can collaborate from anywhere.

Robust Security

Dropbox is instrumental in making data access safe, reliable and fast. Leveraging powerful admin controls, information can be completely protected both within and outside the enterprise.

Short Learning curve

It takes little time for employees to learn Dropbox and become productive.

Storage Backup

It’s vital to store important files and data in different places to protect against losing them in the case of a disaster. It is not enough to store files online and on a USB. Dropbox offers an alternative secure location to store important data and files. It also has the ability to store large files hassle free.

File Sharing

Dropbox makes file sharing possible with ease between business employees and colleagues. For those that have a Dropbox account, adding and sharing content is very simple. If it is desired to restrict file access, there is the option to lock folders with a password. The password can then be disclosed to only a select few people.

Different Access Channels

Accessing Dropbox is very simple and flexible by virtue of multiple and convenient options offered.

  • Desktop access – Dropbox has a downloadable application which enables access to all files and folders directly from your desktop, even when offline.
  • Online access – If users are away from their personal computer, they can always go to the Dropbox website and log into their account to access all files.
  • Mobile access – If computers are not available in the vicinity, there is the convenience of accessing files via the Dropbox App on all mobile devices.

Real time updates

In the event of a file being added or deleted from a shared folder, Dropbox instantly updates all users having access to the file(s). As a result, the latest copy of the file will always be available.

Safe Retrieval

Dropbox retains the history of files added and deleted from the last 30 days. As a result, crucial files can be retrieved safely provided they were deleted within the 30 day timeframe.

If harnessed properly Dropbox can prove to be an invaluable and indispensable tool for small businesses.

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