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“If my laptop ever dies, I can be up and running within minutes, with all of my cloud-based services available to me. No downtime.” – Abid Hussain, Hussain Law Firm

This is one of the main reasons why people are using online document sharing. There are great things that come out of using online document sharing services such as Dropbox,, Google Apps, and many more. The ones mentioned are all FREE; which is a major bonus for businesses on a budget. We got feedback from a few businesses on what they use for document management tools and the

pros and cons of using such tools.

Free Document Sharing made easy through Apptivo

Most people said that they’ve used Google Apps, especially Google Docs, for document sharing. Google Docs allow users to access select files where they can edit and share with specific people. Andrew Schrage of Money Crashers uses Google Docs to share with different team members who are located around the world. When changes are made to the document, a timeline of all changes are recorded.

Dropbox is another popular file sharing service where one can either download the program or access their Dropbox online. If one chooses to download Dropbox, they have the ability to drag and drop their file into a folder and share files with people instantly.

Joshua Elias of found it very difficult to explain to clients on how to download and access files using Dropbox. Instead, he found a service called, where one can upload a document which turns into a link and instantly share the link. Another program he shared with us was the, where one can easily add clients as users. People found this more secure since they sign into their own account.

Alyssa Dver of Mint Green Marketing says that one of the great things about using these programs is how it can be accessed from any computer, any smart phone, and many different gadgets that would support such programs.

Office 365 is another service people have tried but did not really like. It is not a free service, which is a major downfall. It’s created by Microsoft and simply the same as Microsoft Outlook online.

Most of the comments we got back from business users was positive. There are many different document management tools out there to use; it just depends on your business needs and wants. Which document sharing software are you using? What’s so great about it?

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