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“First, we make our habits, then our habits make us.”– Charles C. Noble

There are times many of us wish there was a handbook for success. Unfortunately, there is none. The next best thing to work towards realizing your business dreams is by inculcating a few good habits. As per Dr. Michael O’Donnell, a researcher, awareness, motivation, skills and opportunity are the four important things that can help you incorporate healthy habits.

Awareness- This is the starting point. You have to identify the habit you want to adopt and the benefits of adopting that habit.

motivateMotivation- This is an important pointer. You have to decide whether you are ready for a change. What is the motivation behind adopting a certain business habit? Will inculcating a new habit in your work-lifestyle make you feel good about yourself and get you closer to your goals?

opportunitySkills- Learn the skills that is required for your professional progress. Goal setting is one important skill that can be learned and should be instilled in your business.

Opportunity- This depends on the surroundings and circumstances you are in. You have to incorporate a healthy business habit that will help you convert a weakness into an opportunity thereby leading to success.

Ten Habits That You Can Borrow To Become Super Successful

Sleep early, wake up early and consider exercising-

This may sound a bit weird. But to become a successful businessman, it’s wise to go to bed at a reasonable time. This gives you ample rest so that you can wake up well before other members of your household stirs and gives you the “me-time” Use this time to work out the logistics of the day and unplug for couple of hours. Consider going out for a walk or taking up any kind of exercise that will rejuvenate you as exercises take you out of autopilot.

Eat healthy food thrice a day-

Personal health comes above everything else. In the mornings you need to make time to eat breakfast. Use this time to catch up on the latest new. Never miss your lunch. Make it a business lunch or have it on your desk. Consider dinner with family. Invest time on eating healthy else in the long run you will spend on damage control and that can be even more challenging. Investing on a meal time is not big, but the returns in form of health and free of stress go a long way.

Pay attention to the existing customers while focusing on attracting new customers-

You as a small business entrepreneur should consider implementing a good CRM system to store the details of the customers as well as the prospects. Use CRM software to keep track of the marketing campaigns and keep the sales funnel healthy.

No matter how small keep your promises-

Remember meaningful customer relationships are based on promises. Building mutual trust is a part of relationship nurturing. Therefore, ensure to keep your promise to your employees, clients and customers no matter how small the matter is.

Lead and not dictate-

It’s wise to be a leader than a boss. Employees expect their employer to lead from the front instead of dictating.

Don’t be afraid of failures-

Remember the proverb “Failure is the stepping stone of success.” When you are creative you are likely to fail a couple of times. Consider reaching out to a mentor. You should not hesitate to seek advice or feel embarrassed talk about your failures. Ask lot of questions. By doing so, you will be able to view the old problem in a new and different angle.

Take time to reflect-

Before retiring for night, take a few minutes to reflect about your day. Keep a journal and jot down the happenings of the day. Highlight the things that went particularly well. By reflecting you will be able to find out ways to improve the way you look at things and keeps you inching towards your goal.

Unplug and take small breaks-

It helps to totally unplug from work at least once a week. Experts opine that it does wonders for your health, both mentally and physically. Also, it will help you to refocus on your pending tasks.

Maintain a journal to stay organized-

Though it may sound silly, keeping a journal to write down important appointments and assignments will help you stay organized. Also carry a small journal or use the notepad of your smartphone to jot down ideas that come to your mind. When you write down ideas on a journal it will gives a sense of satisfaction as the brain feels that half the task is over.

Avoiding taking business decision all by yourself-

Brainstorm with your partners or spouse before taking an important business decision. Brainstorming will give you novel ideas and help you make a better decision. Here you can always approach a mentor or business leader who have experience helping entrepreneurs make a hard business decision.
There are many habits that you can adopt to become successful. Take up a hobby that will help you unwind at end of the day. If there any habits that we have missed out, please share them with us on the comments box.

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