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Today, business is more than just generating more revenue and profits.  It is also about establishing and nurturing goodwill and relationships. We look at what business etiquette to follow in the workplace.

  • Get up on your feet – Don’t follow the laidback attitude by remaining seated when being introduced to somebody new. You need to show at least the basic respect and courtesy by standing up while greeting others. Try to genuinely respect and show interest in the other person. Some people may take offence if others don’t stand up to greet or acknowledge them. To be regarded as professional, you need to exhibit both professional manners as well as strive to the best of your ability to function as a professional businessperson. Anything less can be easily spotted by experienced eyes.

  • Respect other peoples time and they will respect yours – It is very true that time is money. It is always better to be slightly early than slightly late. Punctuality is one of the essential traits in businesses irrespective of size or location. It is recommended that you try to complete client projects well ahead of time. This reinforces the client’s faith in you, leading to repeat business and word of mouth publicity.

  • Remember to thank people – Everybody desires recognition and acknowledgement.  Make it a point to thank whoever has helped you, however small or insignificant the help may be. Thank you notes make people feel valued and work wonders in generating goodwill for you and your business.

  • Avoid lying – If you are running late for any important event, do call up and inform the concerned people. Give a valid reason if it exists. Don’t make up fake excuses. If your lies are exposed, it will reflect poorly on both you and your business’s image and credibility.

  • Criticize in private and praise in public – This is a time tested practice which is still relevant in contemporary times.

  • Put your mobile away – Checking your mobile/electronic gadget while attending an important event displays the lack of interest or even disrespect. You need to give your full and undivided attention to others.

  • Proofread till perfect – An email with poor grammar and spelling is perceived as tardy and unprofessional. Hence, proofread all written communication carefully and if necessary get someone else to check the text before sending the message.

  • Don’t interrupt others – Let the speaker complete his speech or presentation before interjecting. Only in the case of a strong reason should you interrupt. Patient hearing is an important and desirable business etiquette.

  • Learn table manners – Many times, business events take place over meals. Hence, you need to know your table manners. If you are not well versed with them, it is a good idea to take a course.

Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated. The knowledge and practice of business etiquette will hold your business in good stead. Your dress sense, way of speaking on the phone and communication style all matter in presenting a professional and serious business image.

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