Sunny Outlook for Small Businesses in 2012

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We have heard a lot about the hardships and economic challenges small businesses faced in 2011. Despite these economic hardships, Small Business owners in America are setting themselves up for a comeback, says a survey. A recent survey by Zoomerang Online Survey & Polls and GrowBiz Media revealed that more than 40 percent of small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners … Read more

Rules for Starting an Advertising Campaign

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Effective marketing and strategic advertising are key to the success of any kind of business, more so with small/medium ones. Whenever a new product is launched in the market or when a business desires to grow, companies begin advertisement campaigns. The other desirable objectives are to make its presence known to its competitor, when there is a dip in the … Read more

Why you Need to be Marketing on Mobile Today

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Small businesses have an unprecedented opportunity because of mobile marketing; for the first time in history they have access to a marketing channel that is plentiful, cheap, targeted, and effective. As recently as ten years ago, small local businesses had few options for drumming up business. They could take out an ad in the yellow pages, hire a few kids … Read more

Online Business Advertising: Make a Killing off a Few Dollars

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If you have a product/service then you need to advertise it to get business. If you do not advertise then nobody will know about your product and you will not get the desired business. Advertising enables you to promote your business products and services. Advertisers spend millions of dollars every year in advertising to promote sales. People prefer to purchase … Read more