7 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Cloud Data Storage

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Cloud-storage is an ideal storage system for small businesses because of its cost-effectiveness and simplicity. Cloud data storage is necessary for all business sizes because data is securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. You’re saving on physical space by not having to install an expensive data server box as well as only … Read more

Why Should a Small Business Use SaaS?

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The year 2013 will see many small businesses invest in SaaS (software as a service) to enhance business operations. Both established small business units and startups have seen the productivity of large-size companies multiply in the recent years because of big data and SaaS applications. Small businesses are aware that implementation of SaaS can help gather data from various social … Read more

What is Cloud Computing?

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Cloud Computing

(source: Wikipedia) As a Small Business Owner, you tend to carry your work home (if you are not already working from home). It is essential that you have access to all your data and software at office as well as at home (and sometimes even from a client location). Making multiple copies of files and transporting them back and forth … Read more

How Do I Share Documents and Collaborate using Apptivo?

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This video will show you how to attach a document or file to just about any object within Apptivo. ┬áStoring your documents in the cloud has many different advantages: Access documents from anywhere Never lose document locations Documents can’t be destroyed by computer failure Easily shared through the cloud Promote collaboration by working from a single document source The document … Read more