Little Known Ways to Kick Start Your Marketing Efforts

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“If you wait until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late.” Seth Godin (Author of Permission Marketing) If you want to remain in business, marketing is the key. It is not about having a great marketing plan in hand, you need to have a marketing strategy laid out. The reason being, once you have … Read more

5 Ways Your Competitors are getting More Customers than You

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As a small business owner or freelancer, the objective of your business is to get new customers and boost sales. To see your business rise to the next level, you must concentrate on the various factors which influence your existing customers to return as well as ways to gain new customers. There are many ways to get existing customers to … Read more

Competition is Good for Your Business

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It’s interesting to see just how many entrepreneurs will throw their hands up in defeat when competition comes their way. Many are ready to throw everything they’ve worked for out the door for fear they won’t be able to compete. It may not be advantageous to get yourself involved in a market that’s already highly competitive because it can be … Read more