7 Tips for making a successful sales plan

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Every sales department and company makes sales plans. However all the plans do not necessarily meet with success. Small businesses need to have sales plans just like established players do. A sales plan outlines sales goals, deadliness to meet the sales goal as well as the process to achieve the targets. By not planning, small businesses are setting themselves up … Read more

How ‘musee-solomon’ saved money in 2011

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Friends, 2011 is coming to an end.  For business owners, it’s time to take stock of their success and failures, finances, and plan for the coming year. When we say finances, what better joy can it bring when you save money in your business? In a series of posts, we bring you success stories of various start-ups and small businesses … Read more

Tips to Creating a Healthy Relationship between Sales and Marketing

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Sales & Marketing business signpost

One of the many challenges that a business can face is the friction between the Sales and the Marketing departments. Though these two generally work towards increasing the revenue of the company, oftentimes, they are at odds with one another. These internal problems can be detrimental to the company, and result in wasted revenue and time. However, there are a … Read more

The Big Marketing Duh- it’s all about sales

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big marketing duh 2

If you had a surefire way to increase qualified leads and help sales close more business, why wouldn’t you do it?  What if it was an easy, proven way that doesn’t always require you to acquire and learn new software, blog/tweet/or otherwise use social media or even be numbed by analytics.  I bet I could sell you this painless marketing … Read more

3 Steps to Marketing

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Everyone knows that Marketing is key to succeed with your business, and in many cases even the mere survival revolves around how well you market your products and business. So, what is marketing? There are many definitions, but I like this one – Marketing makes selling superfluous. Obviously marketing and selling go hand in hand and we know that sales … Read more

How should you use the scarcity effect to your advantage while negotiating?

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Recently, I was flying on a plane and saw an ad for the Lamborghini-Aventador pen in airline’s inflight magazine. I know Lambo = expensive, but thought their pens may be affordable. So, checked out the price – it was a whopping $995. Sure, it must’ve been made using expensive materials, but that didn’t sound like the main reason for such … Read more

How do I create custom contact categories in the sales module?

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contact categories

To create custom contact categories in the sales module, please follow the steps given below Login to your Apptivo account by using this link www.apptivo.com/site/applogin/ Navigate to Sales section. Click on any Apps under Sales, find Configure Icon on dashboard -> top right. Click on Configure Icon and navigate to Contacts -> Contacts Categories. Click on the Add button on … Read more