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Project management (project plan software) involves the application of management principles to achieve a certain objective – it exists in all industries. It incorporates the principles of planning, making contingency plans, human and other resource management. It also involves the skillful management of time and money. Today, there are several project management software that automate and streamline the whole project management process.

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We take a look at some of the common models used in contemporary project management software.

Rapid Application Model

The target of the rapid application model is rapid delivery of the product. Requirements are gathered for prototypes to be designed and tested. The accuracy of the product is periodically checked.

Dynamic Systems Development Model

This is the advanced version of the rapid application development model. It is based on the principle that no software is perfect the first time it is built. The client actively participates in the whole development process. Repeated development is implemented to bring the software product closer to accuracy.

Adaptive Project Model

Adaptive project model is when a client is actively involved in the project. The project is frequently changed based on the client’s feedback. There will be a continuous process of questioning and changing.

Pros of Project Management

There are several advantages of project management. Money, resources, and quality testing methods keep the pace of production high; both quantitatively and qualitatively. Without proper communication among employees, certain problems may arise. There could be misunderstandings and decreased productivity. Project management tools help resolve these issues. Risk management principles are widely applied to meet the project’s desired objectives. Strategic planning and thinking are vital to the project management process.

The role of Project Managers

It is not enough to have the methodologies of project management in place. There must be skilled project managers who can execute the project according to the time allotted. He or she should be able to anticipate disasters, lead the team, budget the money and so on. Project management is a rapidly evolving field. Everyday, innovative features and functions are being added to the process. A project is only as good as its project management.

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Freelancers/Small Businesses and Project Management

Freelancers can benefit immensely by adopting the basic project management principles. It helps them become more effective, organized, and efficient. They can now compete with professional organizations in terms of performance. Today, more and more freelancers are learning and applying software methodologies to gain a head start over their peers and competitors. They are sure to receive more projects and increase the success ratio of their projects. The cost of buying high quality project management software is well worth the money. Project management software will give excellent returns.

So did you acquire a deeper comprehension of the project management process? Are you ready to employ the processes in your enterprise?

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