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Marketing is important to all businesses, big or small. This field is continuously evolving and becoming more and more sophisticated with the passing of time. Every year throws its own quota of surprises in the marketing domain. This year is no different.  As the customer becomes market savvy and more demanding, a carefully crafted company marketing strategy is both desirable and necessary. We take a look at some of the emerging marketing trends of this year.

Small is no longer weak – Small businesses are not afraid to compete against bigger companies by using the increasing power and influence of social media. Size alone is not enough to garner significant market share. The traditional social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Google Plus is poised to expand as a social media tool useful for several firm’s current and future marketing strategies.

The rise of mobile phones – The number of mobile phone users increases yearly. Also with the advent of smart phones, more and more people are using it to browse the Internet. An increase amount of companies are focused on providing a mobile friendly version of their websites. Many companies have leveraged responsive design to make their websites more mobile friendly.

The importance of value addition – Firms are offering potential customers a unique selling proposition and tangible value added. Most customers will out right reject products/services that are outdated, generic or devoid of significant value. The current trend is to proactively anticipate customer needs and walk the extra mile of satisfying them.

Budgeting for content development – More resources are allocated for creating original and useful content designed to engage and interest readers. Companies are investing time, money and effort in this invaluable marketing technique.

The significance of incorporating images – The saying holds very true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of browsing through large amounts of text, today customers prefer a clear and concise image. Enterprises are increasingly leveraging images as a superior marketing strategy.

Personalized digital experience – There are many different factors to consider while marketing such diver customer base – geography, economic and social status, age, gender, nationality. What may fit one person may not necessarily fit others. Every human being is different, and their acceptance of a good product or service varies from person to person. The current trend is to know more about your customers and personalize the products/services accordingly.

The attraction of niche sites – Firms are striving to be both different and superior to be competitive. Also blogging and niche content are used as increasingly powerful tools to market small businesses.   Quality video content is used to give insight into a firm’s products and services.

It is widely believed that 2014 will be an interesting year with respect to novel and unique small business marketing strategies. Do share your feedback and valuable tips with us.

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