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Cloud computing services provide users with the facility to use software and other computer resources online as a utility. This is a pay as you go model where you need to pay for the services depending upon the usage. So you can leverage resources only when you need them via the web. In true cloud computing platforms all applications are executed in the cloud instead of the users machines. An interface is provided to connect to the cloud on the user’s machine.

Cloud is rapidly being adopted by businesses all over the world. It is clear that this is the technology of the future.  Adopting the cloud has been shown to benefit businesses substantially. There are many advantages of using the cloud. As a small business owner you must have heard of the cloud. However, you may not be completely aware of the benefits that this emerging and advanced technology has to offer to your enterprise. We list reasons why you should migrate to the cloud platform.

  • Seamless scalability- Scalability is one of the main reasons why so many enterprises have gone for the cloud. Resources are provided and paid for on-demand. This eliminates maintaining excess redundant capacity.

  • Need for less physical hardware- If you are implementing cloud for your business, you can remove certain business functionality from your premises. Hence, you need less number of and less powerful physical machines. This helps reduce the cost of buying and maintaining computer hardware. The savings achieved can be invested in other useful business activities.

  • Protection from disasters- All businesses including small businesses are vulnerable to disasters. Storing emails and other data in your premises is not without risk. Using the cloud, backups are taken on computer hardware located in different areas around the world. This way, you can avoid losing critical data which may hamper your on-going business operations.

  • Anywhere anytime access- In today’s era it is a widespread business demand for the business enterprises to be available for customers and even employees at any time. The cloud helps small businesses stay connected from any place and at any time. It is not necessary that you have to be physically present in your premises to receive or send information.

  • Achieve higher capability- Many tasks which are complex or consume considerable computer resources were beyond the scope of many small business companies. By leveraging the cloud, businesses gain more capacity and are able to offer related services to their customers. This increases their footprint in the market space and boosts revenue growth.

  • Improved security infrastructure- Small companies usually do not have the financial strength or technological know-how to implement highly advanced security solutions. However, when they subscribe to the cloud they come under the umbrella of the cloud security infrastructure. This is because cloud providers have several customers resulting in availability of more financial resources to purchase cutting-edge security technology.

Cloud systems and technology are only getting better day by day. It should be a priority for small businesses to catch up with this technological trend. This would definitely help them to keep pace with the competition as well as reflect a modern and forward looking business approach.

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