Why Small Businesses should have Mobile Apps

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Today there are umpteen small businesses existing in the market. The competition is fierce to vie for the suitable customers. The latter are very savvy these days and have a lot of knowledge about the various small businesses. Customers are very much aware of which small businesses offer the best services and/or products. They usually take feedback from fellow customers … Read more

ERP Software for Small and Medium Businesses on the Rise

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has gained popularity in recent times as it makes managing business operations easier. The Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP software) allows organizations to access a system of highly integrated applications. It helps in the management of business and assists in specific back office activities. ERP technology and software is gradually being implemented in small to large … Read more

How To Build Your Brand Through Customer Delight Model

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A secret weapon that a growing small business belonging to any industry type should consider using to compete with any market scenario is the customer service and support. If a brand wants to grow in leaps and bounds, then it has to focus on customer support, offer value beyond their product and treat customer service and support as their Unique … Read more

How ERP Software Makes Your Business More Efficient

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to different activities that help a business manage its operations — from accounting to procurement, supply chain management, and even human resources. ERP software is designed to improve the flow of data and information between business units and to support informed business decisions. A good solution will collect and organize data from different parts of … Read more

Importance Of Using Mobile Customer Relationship Management Application In Small Businesses

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Many small businesses have implemented in-house CRM systems to make it easier for their employees. However, once a sales rep leaves his office he is totally disconnected from his CRM system. Usually a sales team has most of its sales representatives in the field to meet with a potential prospect or to close a deal. When he is on move, … Read more

The Reasons Why Small Business Should Use a Customized CRM Tool

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Small businesses are being forced to re-evaluate the way they handle their customers because the ultimate goal of all businesses, apart from profit-making, irrespective of their sizes is the relationship optimization. And the key to achieving this goal is being proactive. Today’s businesses assess consumer preferences using social media tools as well as other related content. Once an entrepreneur decides … Read more

How’s your customer support doing?

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Customer, who was the king yesterday, is today an emperor. They have the power to make and break your business. In this technological world, any wrong move your customer support personnel makes will immediately be displayed by the customer on one of the many social media platforms. This can damage your business to a certain extent. Remember, a returning customer … Read more

Instagram for Small Businesses

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Instagram is emerging as the social media platform for small businesses. Enterprises are having a dramatic reduction in connecting with their followers on Facebook, a mainstay for small businesses till recently. It is wise not to rely on Facebook alone and have other quality options. Instagram is a social media platform where users can share images with other followers. Currently … Read more

Why Small Businesses Need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solution

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is no longer an unknown term today. Many business organizations have leveraged CRM for business management in order to generate more profits and revenue. It is a myth that small businesses cannot afford CRM. Thanks to the cloud ERP technology, almost every major CRM solution is available as SaaS (Software as a Service). Small businesses do … Read more

How to choose the right CRM software for your business

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In all businesses customer is king. The importance of crm is the most tangible approach in maintaining such customers efficiently. Today many crm packages for small businesses are available which are designed to better service existing customers as well as attract new ones. It is highly recommended that you use a quality CRM tool to leverage state-of-the-art technology and automate … Read more