4 Trends That Drive Business Growth

Posted by Maya Pillai

To take an already successful and flourishing business to another level, an entrepreneur has to be up to date with the latest business trends and gradually adapt them too. Understanding the latest trends that drive the business and also adapting them subsequently will help small businesses grow as well as survive the highly competitive economy. One of the many major … Continue reading

Small Business Owners It’s Time To Start Planning For 2018

Posted by Maya Pillai

With hardly a month to welcome the New year, its time businesses start planning for 2018. The businesses have to be financially prepared for the coming year by putting in place the various business strategies. Following are a few tips that will keep the business-up and running in the long way. 8 Tips to Bring in The New Year Revisit … Continue reading

Escalating Health Insurance A Concern For Small Businesses

Posted by Maya Pillai

A major concern faced by many small business owners today is the cost of their employees’ health insurance. As per the report released by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Research Foundation’s Small Business Problems and Priorities survey that takes into account the time period of last four years, the ever-increasing cost of health insurance is the top most … Continue reading

How To Manage Your Employees Efficiently And Get The Best Out Of Them

Posted by Maya Pillai

Employees are the backbone of any organization. One of the responsibilities of the management of any business firm is to ensure that employees are motivated to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently. It’s the duty of the manager to ensure that he has a balanced team else the it will have a searing impact on the business as a whole. … Continue reading

Why Find a Small Business Mentor

Posted by Maya Pillai

Novel entrepreneurs have many business ideas but zero confidence to implement these ideas in a timely manner. This is where a mentor comes in. He/she will play a key role in building confidence in the concerned entrepreneur and his business. They help a business owner succeed. However, both the mentor and mentee is terms of experience. As per the survey … Continue reading

Skill Sets to Develop as a Project Manager | RunApptivo

Posted by Dineshkumar

Project manager is the one who involves in the planning and execution of particular project. He should be well versed in constant analytic techniques and good communication. The risk management and time management are the basic two factors that they should imply in their daily work culture. The decision that which they make should be consistent and it should help … Continue reading

Why do small business owners need to manage their time better

Posted by Maya Pillai

time management

A small business whether it’s a startup or a seasoned one would be a success only if its owner is able to manage time effectively to complete the tasks efficiently. There are time tracking tool when small business owners wish there was a magic formula that allows them to do more tasks in the given time period. For a business … Continue reading

Leadership Styles 2016 For Small Business Owners

Posted by Maya Pillai

leadership styles 2016

“The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water molds itself to the pitcher” – Chinese Proverb – There is a gamut of various leadership styles that small business owner can harness. World has seen great leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Steve Ballmer, Jack Welch and many others who have led the people. The leadership style of these leaders … Continue reading

Is Customer Loyalty Necessary or Not?

Posted by Maya Pillai

customer loyalty

All businesses require customers to survive as well as thrive. It is not necessary that every customer remains loyal. Companies having less loyal customers have to constantly put effort, time and money to draw in fresh clients. Whereas, companies having loyal customers get repeat business from the same customer base. Also loyal customers act as brand ambassadors and spread positive … Continue reading

Is Your Small Business Prepared For the Holiday Season

Posted by Maya Pillai

With the month of October behind, and with just few weeks for Thanksgiving, the shoppers are geared up with holiday shopping lists for a holiday sale. With most of the shoppers going online to make their holiday purchases, you as a small business entrepreneur should start prepping up your enterprise now. If you want to improve your holiday marketing and … Continue reading