Posted by Puneet Yamparala

This list here is the ultimate list of the Top 25 Upcoming Small Business Blogs which you should be following in 2012. The reason we call this the ultimate list is because we do not rely on some meaningless metrics or numbers to come up with this list. We all know these metrics and numbers can be manipulated. We know about bloggers with 20K+ followers who have junk posts and also of Technorati Top 100 blogs which are just filled with affiliate links.

At Apptivo, we use the Human Metrics System which bases blogs on more than 15 criterias which a real human would care about. Such areas include the originality of the content, value of the content to target audience, organic viral potential of the content, and much more.

So we decided to make this list the way you would really measure a blog – by reading  the blog posts and by engaging with the bloggers and the small business community to get their recommendations. Based on this we came up with a list of rising stars, the blogs which have been doing great and we predict will do extraordinarily well in 2012.

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To start off, we shortlisted 50 blogs to find out the best apps for small business. Each of these 50 blogs were equally worthy of being in the Top 25 list, but our Editor had a gun to our head and we had to pick just 25. So here goes the list:

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  1. Damn, I wish I had Thought of That
  2. Small Business Bonfire
  3. Denise O’Berry
  4. Startup Blog
  5. Big Money Web
  6. Inbound Marketing with Indrashish Ghosh
  7. Clever Girls Guide to Small Business
  8. Ladies Networking
  9. Andy Wibbels
  10. Young Go Getter
  11. Noobpreneur
  12. Small Business Branding
  13. Small Biz Survival
  14. Lonely Marketer
  15. Decker Marketing
  16. Shoestring Venture
  17. Small Business SEM
  18. Charlie Cook’s Marketing for Success Blog
  19. Higher Visibility
  20. Local Matters Blog
  21. Xinz
  22. Hawkeye Management
  23. Reciprocal Consulting
  24. Internet Business Resources
  25. Small Business Advice