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Employees are the engines that drive various businesses. They are also the public face of companies. Their levels of individual happiness and work productivity have a direct and significant impact on business image, revenues and profits. We look at ways to keep your employees motivated as well as in good spirits.

  • Be up-to-date -The modern business environment is constantly changing and evolving. Remember what motivated your employees in the past may not work today. Employees are looking beyond financial remuneration and good leadership.

  • Listen first and listen well with empathy – Engage with all the employees on a one-on-one level. Find out whether he or she is happy with the present company environment. Solicit suggestions for improvement and accept any genuine criticism or grievance. This demonstrates that your firm is really interested in the welfare of its employees and respects them.

  • The importance of acknowledgement – If an employee is doing a good job, walk the extra mile to appreciate his accomplishments. It doesn’t cost you anything and can work in your favor. Employees will be encouraged to work harder and have better self-esteem. It is a known fact that recognition and attention are universal human desires and needs.

  • Each employee is different – It is important to recognize that employees are human beings and not machines. Each of them have different personalities, interests, strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your employees will aid you in boosting individual and team morale as well as maximizing the potential of your employees.

  • Set an example – In current times, it’s not enough to be highly productive and charismatic for the senior employees and management. Your employees look at you as a worthy role model and constantly scrutinize you. You need to be ethical, fair, honest and transparent. This in turn inspires the employees to emulate the desirable attributes. Along with professional accomplishments, businesses need to pay attention to social responsibility and contribute their efforts for the betterment of society. It is a good idea to let all employees pitch in for important initiatives in areas such as saving the environment and social welfare.

  • Outline career roadmaps – Most employees are concerned what the future holds for them in your company. Do not be vague or evasive about their future roles, responsibilities and career growth. It is necessary to be clear and honest about what the company expects from them and how they will grow and thrive in your organization.

  • Leverage learning as an effective tool – Nowadays employees need to constantly learn new technologies to provide state-of the-art products and services. A conducive environment to facilitate learning and brainstorming is a great motivational technique. It is also a good and effective practice to provide opportunities and incentives for new learning.

  • Encourage innovation and change – Be open to new ideas and methods from all employees irrespective of position. The work environment of your business needs to encourage good work and be interesting and challenging. You need to embrace change and make sure that your employees keep looking forward to coming into the office.

Keeping your employees motivated is a critical and never ending process. It is essential to constantly invent and implement effective techniques to boost and sustain the level of motivation in all organizations.

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