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Customers are kings irrespective of the size of the business. Quality customer service is an integral part of all business. One should not take customers for granted, since they are the ones who make or break your business. Let’s take a hard look at the level of customer service offered by your firm.

Remember customers are humans

Customers are not just statistics. They are sensitive and discerning human beings. Accept their criticism as an effective way to improve the process and performance of your business venture. If customers are pleased with your service, they will be more than happy to recommend your company to one and all.

Feedback is the best way to improve customer service

Don’t assume your customer service is flawless and needs no improvement. Ask your customers about their experience and tips for improvement. You may be surprised by their feedback. A reality check is needed once in a while so you can take corrective steps in fixing what’s wrong.

Give employees authority walk the extra mile

Many customers may find it annoying when a company official asks them to wait so that they can get the opinion of his superior. It’s a great idea to empower employees to go above and beyond their designated role to help out genuine customer grievances. Company rules and regulations are not written in stone and should not come in the way to help loyal customers.

Conduct an external audit

Customers might be reluctant to comment on your business because they have dealt directly with your employees, so they do not want to offend any of them. A good way to get an accurate and unbiased feedback of your businesses customer service is to employ an external agency.

Set an example

The company management should be courteous and swift in handling customers. If they do not respect their customers, neither will their subordinates. It’s necessary to educate all the staff regardless of their rank about the quality of customer service.


Look for suggestions and innovative ways of enhancing customer service. Document customer service processes and invest in a quality CRM tool.

Evaluate yourself

Ask the all important question as to why customers should choose you over your competitors. What steps should you take to retain customers and provide superior, consistent customer service?

Finally, leverage technology and innovation to provide the best possible deal for your esteemed customers. Borrow ideas and incorporate customer suggestions to make sure you have the best customer service processes in place.

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