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Your blood, sweat, and tears went into building a successful online business. But the time has come to sell your baby. Every day there are thousands of businesses that change hands, but online businesses are more difficult to sell because there are limited channels available to ensure you get the exposure you need to get the best price.

If you plan to sell your online business on your own, you have only a few channels available. You can use Ebay, which has a high volume of websites listed for sale. The problem is for every good site there’s a hundred poor sites that have no value to offer anyone. As a result, people don’t often take this venue seriously.

You can use a buy and sell online listing sites like They offer a really good service that’s run very professionally. It’s a good option for any sites that are under $50,000. They have proven results, but the onus of closing the sale is left on your hands and you may not be comfortable with that.

The best option you have at your disposal is to use an online business broker. You have time and money invested in your online business and you want to make sure you get the most return on that investment. An experienced business broker can make that happen for you. They can assist you in putting the right price on your business, and in bringing the right buyers to you. Online business brokers can:

1. Get your website exposed to buyers who have money to spend

2. Get you more money for you online business

3. Handle the paperwork associated with selling websites.

4. Let you benefit from the broker’s experience in closing deals

5. Handle the selling role for you, which can be uncomfortable for you

6. Expose your business to new markets and additional opportunities you may not have found otherwise

7. Take care of legal, regulatory, and tax issues that can be intimidating

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When looking for an experienced online business broker be sure to look for:

1. Someone who has mastered the art of negotiation, and who specializes in online businesses, because there is a big difference between traditional businesses and online businesses.

2. Has a proven track record, a rock solid reputation, and can show you the results from the hundreds of online businesses he/she has sold.

3. Has great communication skills and goes into great detail so you understand exactly what’s going on.

Reduce your stress by putting the sale of your online business in the hands of a professional. That way you’ll know that your interests are being looked after properly and that you’ll get the best price for your online business.

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