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Using Apptivo webforms to increase salesWebforms are the those little forms you see on the contact us page or on the page where you want to request additional info about a product. These webforms are typically integrated with a CRM platform and provide huge benefits in terms of capturing potential sales leads and converting them into paying customers.

Consider the case of a company website which provides services to small businesses. This company can spend a lot of money on advertising their services on Google, but still not have any clue about the visitors to the website and about their requirements. As a start, the company can have their email such as listed on their “Contact us” page. This is definitely better than not providing any information, but how many of us actually go through all the trouble of copying the email and logging into our email accounts to send out an email. All the people who hesitated to write an email to the company are the people who would have probably paid for the companies services.

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To solve this issue, the company just needs to add a simple web form with fields such as “Name” “Email” “Company” and “Message”.

The few fields here are easy to complete for the visitors and also provide valuable information about potential customers to website owner. The webforms have the potential to increase conversions many folds if put in the right place and on the right page. The trick is to keep the webforms short and simple and at the same time to capture as much information as possible from them for your sales team.

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