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All businesses have a website nowadays. The idea is to provide information about their products and services. Clients and customers can research and compare the offerings provided by different companies before making the best and final choice. A well designed and well presented website is the best advertisement for a firm.

The problem most small company’s face is customers mostly hear about larger companies. Hence they garner the maximum attention and are able to grab a lion share of the market. Obviously ,the question comes in the mind of small and medium businesses as how to compete successfully with the large established players. You will not get business if clients and customers have not heard of your firm. Most people use search engines to locate companies offering products and services tailored to their specific and unique requirements. SEO, which is an acronym for search engine optimization, is traditionally leveraged to make websites rank higher in search engines. This translates into higher website visit tracker for your company’s website. Nowadays, the trend is to register your organization on several popular social networking websites to create awareness about your company, promote the brand and attract business.

The mathematics of website traffic

Google Analytics is by far the leader in providing critical website traffic statistics. What’s more is it’is free and easy to use. A desirable Google Analytics feature lets you know how visitors landed on your website and where they came from. You will know if they were referred by other websites, used search engines or directly typed your business’s URL. An important statistics provided is looking at the total page views and number of unique visitors each day, week and month. Another critical point of data to analyze is which pages and links are visited most often.

Use of Social Media Networking to boost website traffic

Almost all of us have heard of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. The popularity and membership of these sites are growing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. Basic membership is free and easy to setup. In the past, people used to meet friends and relatives face to face or communicate through post or phone. With the advent of the Internet, communication through electronic mail and chat applications have become the trend. To get yourself out there, you have to register a profile of yourself or company. You can then search for friends, acquaintances and relatives. There are many opportunities of discovering people whom you have lost touch with or not come in contact with for significant period of time. Facebook has features enabling you to send and receive messages, post text/images/videos. LinkedIn is more for professionals looking to network and do business with.

It is recommended that small and medium businesses leverage social media websites to generate business. The reasons are multifarious. It is a contemporary trend, free, extremely powerful and effective. Best of all, you can reach all segments of customers irrespective of geographical location and time zone.

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