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Leadership is required in every field. Leaders inspire and motivate their team to give their very best. Even a mediocre organization can produce outstanding results, given the right kind of leadership. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi led India to freedom. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates led companies like Microsoft to financial success.

It is a myth that one is born with leadership qualities. They can be taught and practiced until they are perfected. An ideal leader works hard, is a great motivator, and has a dynamic and charismatic personality. They also have the trust and respect of their subordinates. Leaders need not be a genius or autocrat to inspire a team to give in its very best. All companies seek great leaders and the associated leadership qualities.

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10 Leadership tips

  1. Setting an example – Leaders do not just pass out orders, they should be just as focused and motivated as those they are leading. The team members should be led by personal example of the leader.
  2. Adaptability – Leaders should be adaptable and mingle with members of different cultures. This is important given the increasingly diverse environment we live in. It is important to learn the different languages and traditions of other cultures. Given the modern era of outsourcing, it is important for the service provider and service receiver to understand each other. If the organization has to reach new heights, it is important that every member do his bit irrespective of religion, race and ethnicity.
  3. Vision – The ideal leader should not see the business as a hierarchy, instead as an influencer of his followers.
  4. Man of action – A great leader should be practical; they should not believe in theory but rather in action. Dreaming of big things is good but achieving them is far more important.
  5. Completing the job – The leader should not be a perfectionist; they should personally oversee the tasks from inception to completion. There is no such thing as a partially completed task.
  6. Consult all – A true leader should follow a democratic process in making decisions. Everyone, irrespective of rank or status, should be permitted to voice their opinions. A consensus should be reached before a decision is made.
  7. Supportive Attitude – An effective leader should be supportive of their team, letting their team know that they will be supportive when needed. This should be supported by actions and not just words. As time goes by, the team members will gradually learn to trust them blindly and put in above par performances.
  8. Initiative – An effective leader is proactive rather than passive. They do not wait for things to happen but rather make things happen themselves. It is their opportunity to seize initiatives and help guide the team to achieve numero uno status in this competitive world.
  9. Praise when required – Wise leaders display genuine appreciation for good work done. Feelings should be genuine and come from deep inside.
  10. Knowledge is the real wealth – An ideal leader should strive to be knowledgeable about the science and art of leadership. There are many books to read and discuss. Workshops and seminars are often held to help leaders achieve their best. Lastly, colleagues and team members are an invaluable source of leadership wisdom.

Which leadership tip did you like most? Do you have any tips to share with us?

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