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Small businesses are job and opportunity creators. In brief, they are the drivers of any economy. Supporting them is a necessity to boost any economy. Small business myths have to be busted to promote small businesses.

  1. Starting a small business requires hordes of money- Working in the evenings on the business and keeping the day job is an ideal solution for providing the essential resources for the business and also paying the bills. Tag in the family members and close and trustworthy friends in the business. This will save the cost of paying an employee.

  2. You’re too old or too young to start a business- If you have an idea, passion, drive and sufficient resources, age should never be a show stopper. Who needs a degree to start a successful business? Just look at Steve Jobs and see how much he’s accomplished. If you do the right kind of business in the right way, you’ll get paid for it

  3. Small business Internet marketing myth- Many small business owners are weary of using the internet for promoting their business. Many SMB’s are reluctant to use the internet because they feel only teenagers and young adults spend their time on social media. Some feel that internet marketing is pointless unless there is a lot of traffic. What they need to understand is there is a huge difference between the right kind of traffic and attracting traffic. If there is relevant content on your site that appeal to the people, that’s the right kind of marketing. Putting up the right kind of content includes revamping the website, will help small business move ahead.

  4. Small business marketing myth- Many small business owners feel that their business is too small to market. This myth has been busted. Even the smallest of businesses has to be employ some kind of market tactic for the business to survive. Advertising and sales are part of marketing. There are plenty of tactics which will help build awareness and drive traffic.

  5. Myths of going global- Many small business owners are skeptical about going global. They feel doing business internationally is complex. There are certain business procedures that one needs to know and there are many agencies, companies and websites devoted to International trade. Many small businesses are not aware of the fact that international trade is not reserved for corporate giants. Many growing economies are underserved and they can probably create new and unique opportunities for SMB owners. Finally, the internet has leveled the playing field. Extensive and expensive international travels are no longer necessary. Use the internet to reach out to potential customers across the globe.

There are many myths and beliefs that need to be busted if one needs to take his business to another level. You don’t need permission to succeed. Success comes to you if you are aware of the changes that are happening in your field of business and finding innovating ways to stay ahead of your competitor.

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