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Part of the joy of being an entrepreneur, is finding ways to grow your business. It can also spark new ideas. Consider the following methods for building your bottom line.

  • Consider selling your product’s concept under a license agreement.
  • Try to sell to new markets. If you are marketing just to the young adult crowd, find a way to increase your marketing scope by focusing on mothers or even the older adult market.
  • Consider options to get into government contracts. Many businesses can find doors to get the federal government as their next big customer.
  • Consider buying a complimentary business. Purchase a business that is not the competition but a company that adds something more to your business.
  • Sell products online. The Internet is a huge marketplace for business owners of all types.

The more ways you work to expand your business, the more opportunities you have. However, the right method for expansion will differ greatly from one business to the next. Invest the necessary time and money into research. Find out how to build your business based on what the market tells you. The cost of research is often far less than the cost of expanding and then having a secondary site fail or missing out on the next big thing.

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