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For business owners the most popular exit strategy is selling their business. Whatever the reason for selling your business these 5 tips can help.

1. Promoting the Sale of Your Business Correctly

Make sure when you are selling your business you are promoting the sale in the right way. Promoting you are selling because you are retiring or because you are looking to pursue a different opportunity are a couple of the right way. Promoting that you aren’t happy with the revenues would be the wrong way.

2. Sell at the Right Time

The main reasons for selling are illness and age. Illness you often have no control over. Age you do. If retirement is approaching don’t wait until you’re ready to lock the doors and change lifestyles. Plan in advance and that way you can get your business to market when the market is solid rather than finding yourself trying to sell during an economic downturn.

3. Clearly Define What it is You are Selling

It’s important that you clearly define what will go with your business. You will need to decide which assets are going to stay with the business and then be clear about defining those. All assets don’t always go with the business.

4. Determine the Value of Your Business

If you want to sell your business you are going to need to be upfront about the value of your business. There are a number of business valuation methods that can be used. It’s a good idea to have a professional evaluate the value of your business, and if you are going to do it yourself don’t inflate the value of your business, because it will turn potential buyers away.

5. Let a Professional Help you With Selling Your Business

Selling a business is a complex undertaking. A professional can provide the type of expertise you want guiding you through the process and making sure your rights and the rights of the seller are being protected. A business broker or a commercial realtor can really help you sell your business. You’ll need a lawyer to handle all the documents required to complete the sale of your business.

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There you have it – 5 tips to help sell your business. After all, selling your business is serious stuff. You want to make sure you’ve done your preparation to make sure the sale of your business goes smooth and without a hitch. And remember, if it’s priced right it will sell.

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