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boost-employee-moraleAs per a study by Professor Andrew Oswald at the Warwick Business School, those employees who are happy are 12 percent more productive than the unhappy ones. A small business owner who tunes into his workplace environment now and then can tell when his employees exhibit the signs of low morale such as reduced performance, fewer conversations, decreased collaborations and high turnover rates. The best way to tackle low morale is to bring about positive changes in the organization before the low morale seizes the employees.

Inspire your employees and give them a reason to believe

Share your vision with your employees. This will not only motivate them but also inspire them to perform better. This in turn will facilitate the growth of the firm, reduces the attrition rate and also increase the morale of the employees.

Be involved in your employees lives to show you care

You can ask your HR team to send a gift card to the employees on their birthday. It’s a way to let them know you cared. Also send gifts for their new borne, and for every important events in their lives. Celebrate work anniversaries of your employees.

Recognize the work done and give rightful credit

This pointer is important. It boosts the morale of an employee when you recognize his efforts and appreciate him in the public. Similarly, if there is a something negative that you need to tell someone, tell them in private.

Encourage real lunch breaks

Kimberly Elsbach, a management professor, opined that staying inside at the same location is harmful to creative thinking. He suggests that the managers should take a coffee break or check out a new restaurant. Having lunch away from the office with their respective will boost the morale of the team.

Offer discounts and sponsored programs

To nurture a positive relation, you should consider offering discounts on gym memberships, childcare facilities, transportation facility at subsidized rate.

All work from home days

Commuting to office every day is stressful. So on rotational basis assign employees a day or two when they are allowed to work from remote location.

Paid vacation

Once a year, around the festival season give a few days off that are paid. This is will improve the productivity of the employees.

Allow 20-minute nap time

Taking a 20-minutes nap will improve the productivity of the employees who have to travel long distances to reach office, those who put in late hours or overtime. Consider providing a couch or even a cot in the office for them to revive.

Impart training to employees

Boost the morale of employees by providing training on time management skills as well as positive attitude. Team building exercises is not fun but also a stress buster that take the mind of the employees from work for the time being and help them relax. The team building exercises can overturn the organization structure as the employees’ can explore their strengths.

Remember, employees are the building blocks of any business and unhappy employees can be a harmful to its growth. Studies report that when an employee exits, it can cost incurred is between 70 and 200 percent of a new recruits compensation. It’s better to invest in boosting the morale of the employees to avoid high costs.

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