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Anyone can build a team, but the difference between success and failure can be in building the right team. A team is made up of people who bring the necessary skills to the business. Don’t confuse the team with partners. The team is made up of employees, contractors, and sub-contractors, whereas partners are owners who are financially tied to the business.

You get to pick the people who will be on your team. You control how long you use these people’s services for. If they don’t work out like you thought they would, you can relieve them of their duties and bring someone else in. Building a strong team help you to build a successful building, but you also must create the right environment.

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When people feel their services are valued, and that their work is recognized in the success of the business, they will give their best. For the team to be successful it must have the same values as that of the business owners and they must wan the venture to be successful. They must also work well with their teammates. Bickering within a team will destroy its very fiber and it will become dysfunctional.

That said, differences are certainly encouraged when presented in a positive manner. These differences should be discussed in an open dialogue and from that, the best ideas will surface. Team members will each have their areas of expertise but they must be willing to give more than that to be a strong member of a team that can bring business success.

You need to know what it is that motivates the members of your team. It could be recognition, money, fear, etc. Have this figured out at in the early stages of your project. You should also make a list of the positions on your team and keep it updated as your team grows and changes. One of the most common mistakes made is keeping the original team together too long without any changes.

Your business is fluid as should be your team. The skills you need in a team today may not be the same skills you need in a team two years from. You should regularly re-evaluate your team to make sure you continue to get the most value for their hard work. Placing the right team members in the right position at the right time is a formula for business success. Give building a team the attention it deserves.

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