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Starting a business is not a cakewalk. If someone tells you otherwise, chances are, they are either lying or haven’t ventured into any business. Working tirelessly for endless hours, sacrificing sleep and gratification, being constantly confronted by challenging situations is just the beginning. Success is something all of us want to achieve in our life. But if success were a walk in the park, all of us would have it. Nevertheless, the truth remains; becoming successful is not an easy feat. Success belongs only to those who are extraordinarily talented, innovative and persevering.

Do you have what it takes to lure success towards yourself? Let us take a look at the traits that define the lives of some of the most successful people – traits that define Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet from everyone else.

Having a Dream

Having a dream to achieve something, a target to hit and a direction to head in is the beginning of the journey to success. To become successful, you must know what you want to attain and give yourself a hard deadline of when to attain it. Your goal must be backed with willpower and your attitude result-oriented. Turn an idea into a reality.

Hard Working

The ability to work hard is what distinguishes winners from the ordinary crowd. Staying up for days, working long hours, giving up on the joys of life is what winners do. They know that someday their sacrifices will yield sweet fruits of success. You must believe in having pleasing results tomorrow than gratifying habits today.

Having a Focus

If you can maintain your focus on your target, you are one step closer to becoming successful. Do not procrastinate or waste your time on unproductive activities. Instead, develop self-discipline, work with dedication and engage in activities that bring you closer to your goals.

The Willingness to Learn

Most of us cease being a student the moment we step out of college. But successful people consider themselves a student throughout their entire life. They do not miss a single opportunity to learn something new. You will need to shun your prejudice, intolerance and stubbornness to develop a curious mind, willing to explore new dimensions of things.

Not Afraid of Failure

It is quite natural that your endeavors will have either of the two probable outcomes – success or failure. You must not be afraid of failure. Successful people have had many such failures for breakfast to get where they are now. Look into the eye of the failure and say “I can do it!” Analyze what went wrong this time, improvise and try till you succeed.

Being Responsible

With authority comes responsibility. You must be willing to take up the responsibility of failures or outcomes of your endeavors. Success doesn’t come to those who cook up excuses or pass the buck to someone else.

Build a Network

If you think that being successful is a one-man show, then you are terribly wrong. There are several people who act like a support-system to your success. Network with the right people and they will be able to help you in the long run. These are people whom you can go to when you need solutions to your problems or advice/suggestions on important business decisions that you’re unsure about. Don’t forget to return the favor.

Apart from the 7 traits discussed above, you need to be calm, respond promptly to people and situations, and keep going. Everyone has some or the other talent. Some people are just born with the traits, others have to develop them to put their talent to use.

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