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Leaders are present in all walks of life; they lead and motivate their followers to success. One notable example is the late Steve Jobs, who led Apple to the very top. We will analyze whether you have the all important qualities of a leader or not. Some people are born leaders; others learn the skills of leadership. Let us look at some important traits of effective and highly productive leaders.


A leader should be ready for change and adapt to it quickly. Technology changes with every passing movement, you need to stay up to date with it. In this global economy, you may have to work in different countries and lead people of diverse nationalities. You should be sensitive and understanding to various cultures. It is vital to be fluent in the language of the area you are working in. Embracing the new and different is a necessary risk in today’s competitive environment.

Emotional Intelligence

A good leader has a high level of emotional intelligence. It is imperative to understand the psychology and motivators of your various team members. Once this is done, tasks should be delegated to the person most suited for it. A word of praise or official approval will work wonders on the morale of the person(s) concerned.


It’s important to be understanding and empathetic to your colleagues. Only when we place ourselves in the shoes of other people, can we truly visualize their perspective and understand their situation. This helps resolve their problems and issues in a better way.


It is a fast paced world out there. You need to act not react. Taking the initiative is a vital quality in great leaders. The object is to outthink competitors, be imaginative in ideas and processes. There should always be a plan B and plan C ready.


Visionary leaders have a clear cut idea of the final goal and they articulate it effectively to their superiors and juniors. They dare to dream and strive to be truly different. No obstacle, no matter how big, can stop them in their path to creating their vision.


Looks matter. In the corporate world, first impressions clinch business deal. It does help being organized and ready for anything. Respect other people’s time and they will respect yours. Learning to say ‘no’ politely and firmly can be the key to success. When leaders act and look like high performing professionals that they truly are, they earn the respect of their peers and team members admiration.

Technology Savvy

The one who leverages modern technology most skillfully wins the race.  Contemporary leaders are relentless in their quest to master and keep up-to-date with cutting edge technology. They are indeed masters at harnessing the incredible power of technology to keep their organization perched at the top.

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