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Talent acquisition, onboarding and training is expensive and companies are spending tons of dollars each year. Training Magazine report revealed that in 2015, American businesses spent over $70 billion on training the new hires as well as the existing employees. Businesses irrespective of their sizes have to strategize various methods to make onboarding and training cost-effective.

Tips To Cut Onboarding and Training Cost

Create online onboarding processes

There are many onboarding apps available in the market these days. Consider purchasing one that suits your business model and integrate it in your business hiring process. By going online, you can cut down on the paperwork to create employee information. Instead create electronic forms to collect employee information, employee signatures and so on in a matter of few minutes. Also these forms can be updated easily and also accessed via mobile devices anytime.


Centralized location of onboarding documents

The new hires need to be given the all the company documentation as well as the specification of the department they would be working with. This include professional employment contract, handbook, safety and health procedures and so on. By using an app, you will be able to get the real time comments from the hires as well as update the latest rules and policies of your firm on regular basis.

New employee checklists

If a small business is unable to purchase an onboarding software, they can always use the google drive. Create an excel sheet with the checklists that contains all the tasks a new employees need to know about such as the company policy reviews, training and so on and store it in the drive and share it with the employees. If they have any queries, they can post a comment in the spreadsheet. A concerned person can answer them in real time.

In-house mentoring

This is one of the ways to cut the training cost of the existing as well as new hires. Use the expertise of the veteran employees to impart training. Mentoring at work is an easy as well as cost-effective away of training new hires as well as the existing employees. Not only that a new employee has an experienced person who is not only subject matter expert but also is knowledgeable about the norms and functioning of the concerned department. He would be able to clarify his query, can have an honest conversation, and also seek advice.

Group training for existing and new employees

Most of the employees get sleep through the training session if the training program is not engaging or fun. Group training by in-house trainers can help built team spirit among the existing as well as the new employees. It also makes the new employees feel comfortable in their new work place. Group and onboard training conducted simultaneously saves a lot of time and resource while helping to build a social able work culture and environment.

The aforementioned tips will help to cut employee onboarding as well as the training costs.

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